Beyond the Streets: Downtown Los Angeles

Wow! This street art exhibit was mind blowing. Beyond the Streets was set in  a huge 40000 sqft space set to knock your socks off on every turn.

I was introduced to artists I hadn’t seen before which made it even better.  A big thank you to Roger Gastman for curating amazing experience.

It’s hard to narrow down the highlights of it but I’m going to try….

Dan Witz: who is described as creating haunting & expert trompe l’oeil images across New York City. These pieces were amazing. So realistic looking and done subtly you felt the before you saw them.

Aiko: A Tokyo born artist who mixes mediums using graffiti advertising,  pop art and traditional Japanese aesthetics. Red lighting added just the right amount of seediness to the immersive experience. And you know, I can’t go past a traditionally offensive neon 🙂

Tim Conlon: For phenomenal photo realism. The mini train carriages were cool but I loved this freight train.

Invader: well, how can you not love Space Invader. This one was like a magic eye one as well that only was seen clearly through the camera.

Andre the Giant:  Not usually one that grabs my attention but this piece had me fascinated with the detail.

Ron English: intense colour and amazing clear lines make these pieces hard to look away from. Ron English is said to have coined the phrase  ‘Popaganda’ which describes his signature mix of high and low low cultural touchstones – not going to lie, don’t really know what that means, but I like the end result.

Anthony Lister: I spotted Mr Squiggle from across the room and it made my day! Only and Aussie can deliver that kind of amazing.

Basquiat: no explanation necessary

Banksy: I wasn’t expecting him, but it was a pleasant surprise.

Oh and this neon that I am annoyed that I can’t remember who did it. Man I love neon.

There were seriously so many more that I can’t list all of them here. I hope this becomes a regular exhibit in LA. It is a phenomenal things for artists of all different notoriety to be part of.

I have noticed though, which has surprised me, is that the American Museum gift shop needs some work. The same was true for this one, I was dying to buy something but nothing really spoke to me. Idea: sell some up and coming artists work in there!

Here’s a couple more great pics of pieces.

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