Fancy, casual cheeseburgers? Hi Ho Burger, Santa Monica, LA.

There’s no shortage of burgers in LA, that’s for sure -which may explain at least 50% of this weight gain I’ve managed to do, its potentially on par with the Heathrow injection (must come up with a cute name for weight gain in America).  Al and I have been slowly making our way around the burger joints and I’m confident I am going to be able to determine my top 5 by the end of the year!

Hi Ho had been on my radar for awhile, I thought I was going to solve this at Coachella but they were in the VIP section, which I was sadly not. So instead, we jumped on our bikes and cycled down to give them a try in their permanent location.

We got the Hi Ho Burger which has got some salad, onion jam and house made pickles. You have a choice of 2 patties or 3- I went with 2 and it was definitely enough.

The verdict: not a bad burger, not the best in LA, but one that won’t disappoint. It’s a Waygu patty which is always going to be good, and it is seasoned well. The bun was a little too soft and spongy for my liking but not enough to make me say it isn’t a good burger.

The chips/ fries are actually more like chips, old school hand cut chip shop chips which is good. I would be very happy to have them with gravy 😍

I would have liked to try the key lime pie but I was stuffed after the burger and fries. I like to think that it is as good as it is in my head. We opted for beers rather than the ‘craft fountain soda’, there’s something about pretend soda I can’t get on board with 🙂

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