Best breakfast truck in LA: The Rooster Truck

I think it’s fair to say breakfast is my favourite meal of the day, well, it is at the time. I remember many a Sunday morning wishing breakfast would come to me. My BFF and I  dreamt of an amazing breakfast truck that we could place our order with, wake up and it would magically arrive for us. Yet another amazing business idea we did not follow through with (tip: you want a high density population for this to be great, ie lots of apartments).

So, one Sunday morning in LA,  trawling through breakfast places on my phone, I discovered I could order from The Rooster Truck, drive over and pick it up all in 15 minutes! Not quite delivering to my door (though there’s plenty of places that will do that here), but the menu looked super tasty and too good to pass up! So I jumped into the car and headed down to Abbot Kinney. For future this is probably smarter as a 2 person job so that someone  pulls up behind the truck and stays in the car but I just parked it somewhere I shouldn’t have. In my defense I was only gone 2 minutes!

Well I can tell you, this breakfast burrito is totally worth it! I don’t care if you are driving over from Silverlake, it’d be worth it! I”m calling Rico Suave the ‘best breakfast burrito I’ve eaten!’ So much flavour and texture. You still got the crunch of the tater tots and bacon, the softness of good eggs and a winning Molcajete salsa. Divine! As in so good I had accidentally eaten it all before I remembered I was suppose to offer Al some, or take a decent photo.

I’m pretty sure Al got the Rooster Burger but I wasn’t allowed to try it after scoffing all the burrito to myself. I’m taking it as a sign that the breakfast burger was good 🙂

There are plenty of great places to grab a bite of breakfast on Abbot Kinney, but if you want something that is casual, well priced and that tastes friggin amazing, The Rooster Truck is for you. I think we’ll all agree that there’s doing a damn good job of  “Making Breakfast Dope Again’.

And if you needed another reason to head to Venice ….

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