Hanging out in Neutral Bay: Sydney, AUSTRALIA

Until my bestie stops living in Neutral Bay, I will consider it one of my neighbourhood! Which means I have a duty to explore some of the local places. Usually we are off to other places when we visit but this trip has an extended Neutral Bay stay so I finally got to test a few spots.

Wine & Cheese Bar: this is an awesome local. Staff are really nice, giving great guidance on the wine but without being annoying and the cheese options are endless! I can see why it’s a local favourite, it would be mine if it was on my doorstep.

The neighbourhood lost power on the night we were out but that didn’t stop them bringing it. They set up candles and offered everything they had except for cooked food: let me put it this way, you won’t go hungry.

Thelma & Louise: Situated down on the water at Neutral Bay Wharf this great little cafe serves up a delicious bacon & egg roll with a view. I was reliably told to add cheese and now I pass that great advice on to you. Grab a seat on the balcony and enjoy.

I’m not really sure why it hadn’t clicked in my head that Neutral Bay was on the water, but it surprised and delighted me. Breakfast with a view always gives me the feels and this one is totally worth the walk back up the hill.

Bourke Street Bakery: I love a good bakery. These guys are putting out good bread and pies & sausage rolls. I got a taste of the brisket pie which was delicious and the sausage rolls are really good quality. Bread, is obviously done well too. Living in LA, I don’t think you can take a good bakery for granted, even though they are a bit of a norm in Oz.

The Oaks: A classic Aussie pub. Good gin selection and a really great outdoor area with a massive oak tree covered in fairy lights. Love it. From memory, the food was good when we ate here on a previous visit.

We hit the pub late on this trip and while I think we were our best funny selves, others may not have agreed. Why I think this is worth mentioning, is that the security were good sports about it. I have found that to not be the case in many places (and yes still doesn’t stop us from voicing our opinions) so it was a great end to an evening here. I have an excellent video expressing this, but for the protection of innocents I think it had best not go online!

Five Loaves Two Fish: another new little bakery/cafe. I was attracted in by the clever name and the decor, and they did not disappoint me! I fed my new bacon & egg addiction, and it was good. Just what my hangover needed.

Against the grind: coffee shop. Aussies take their coffee very seriously. The loyalty the local cafe inspires with people is phenomenal. But loyalty is not for me 😂 I like reveling in the fact that everywhere makes great coffee here and trying it all. Not limited to grabbing a double espresso at one of the few Aussie cafes in LA, if was in full caffeine mode.

Against the grind plays to my way of thinking very well- cute interior, play on words name ✅✅. Then they delivered nice coffee and my favourite Aussie staple, banana bread. Yum.

In no way did I explore it all, but I feel like I made a good start. Would I live in Neutral Bay? No idea!!! If Jax still lived there, probably 😉

it’s cute and I like these little locals.

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