Breakfasts in Sydney: AUSTRALIA

Aussies know breakfast. I don’t care where you’re from, it’s undeniable! One of the great things about visiting my home country (obvs except for my friends and family who mean the world to me), is the great breakfasts I get to try- homemade and out & about. Visiting Sydney, I can always rely on Jax to take me out for a great breakkie.

A1 Canteen, Chippendale: Damn, this place is banging out great breakfasts with a twist. Not going to lie, we saw @the_Lou_dad went here on his trip to Sydney and he’s a phenomenal chef, so I knew he wouldn’t steer us wrong #whatyoudowedo 😂😂. The great thing about doing a little copy of @the_lou_dad is we ended up with a dish we would not have ordered: curried egg, ham, branston pickle on an English muffin. It turned out to be a nice, mild curry scrambled egg. Definitely not what I was expecting, and all the flavours tied together beautifully. Trust me, you want this.

The other dish we couldn’t go past was the fried mortodella, egg & chilli jam on a roll. Phenomenal. Way too many carbs on my order BUT I could sneak some of them away because it was all about the protein!

Oh yeah, we added the harissa tomatoes – you’re going to want to do that. And an LP sausage as they are the shit of Sydney meats, so you should never miss them when they are on the menu.

A1, was a great surprise that was a total treat. It’s nice and easy to get to in the city, on a super cute street and the staff are great. Don’t miss it.

5 Loaves 2 Fish, Neutral Bay: on my doorstep in Neutral Bay, I stumbled upon this place exploring one day. After producing a great (but pricey for the norm) bacon & egg roll I knew we needed to test out the fritters. There is nothing more Aussie than fritter for breakfast- except for avo on toast.

Trying to be good, we decided to split a dish and add to it, which was absolutely the right idea. The corn fritters come with poached egg, halloumi, chutney, tomatoes and smoked salmon. To make it good for 2 we added another egg and some bacon (nothing wrong with the salmon quantity, I just don’t like it- I know, shame on me).

Fritters were great, not overly fried in anyway. Beautifully poached eggs and yummy non-salty halloumi. A lot of halloumi as well, you won’t be disappointed.

Thelma and Louise, Neutral Bay: a banging bacon & egg down on the river- can you go wrong with that? I got eyes on some of the other meals and they looked great, but I stuck with the recco from @martinbrown1888 and got a classic with a little cheese. Delicious! I’m pretty sure it started my b&e addiction for Sydney.

Reuben Hills Roastery & Cafe, Surrey Hills: South American style cafe tucked in a great space in Surrey Hills. It’s one of those secret places that looks tiny inside and then massive on the inside. It also looks like they’re doing a little coffee roasting upstairs, but I can’t say for sure. Almost every dish here can be done gluten-free which made it the perfect place to go with Mama Brown. So between the 3 of us, we got to try a good amount of dishes:

Soft baked eggs with added LP (I told you) chorizo- great! I love a baked eggs and these worked really well. A softer flavour but good.

Green chilaquilles- you may know that chilaquilles is one of my favourite dishes to order, so I was really interested in seeing what happened with them in Oz (who I have seen a big increase of Latin American food with, which is awesome). So this was definitely in the category of different I would say had more of a North African taste than South American but tasty. Really good beans. It’s a vego dish and did not need meat added.

Meatballs- for breakfast!! What a treat! Tasty meatballs, lots of veg and very well received.

Three Blue Ducks, Bronte; after a deluge or rain ie 3 months worth in one day, Al and I escaped out for a break from the Where Chefs Eat book. It felt like it was meant to be as the rain let up just as we got out of our Uber and sipped long enough for us to walk down to Bondi after breakfast! Between us we split the fritters (yes, it’s a Definite thing, a bit like bacon & egg rolls) which I’m not sure of it cane with or we added sausage & bacon. Sausage was amazing, fritters were not to my style but actually still very tasty.

We also split the chicken burger. Al tells me it was delicious, but I’m a breast girl so couldn’t handle the thigh piece for the burger. The potatoes though, yum!

PLUS, it was followed by a lovely beach walk. Pretty great in my opinion.

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