Turkish delights: Momed, Beverly Hills CA


Here’s one of the thing I have learnt about LA- it’s really hard to find a Middle Eastern restaurant, whether it is Turkish, Lebanese, Persian etc they keep calling it Mediterranean. I am sure there is a much more deep rooted issue going on here than I care to go into on this blog, but, get over it! The food from these regions are delicious and I would like to be able to find them easier! London was amazing for it and I know you are hiding in little pockets LA!

The first time I tasted Momed was at the Taste of the Eastside last year, and it was so good. Then we tried them again this year and they delivered once more! So when we were looking for a post brunch hike we decided to hit up the Beverley Hills location.

It’s in a great place of Beverley Hills- off Rodeo and in what I would call “the real people Beverley Hills” with lots of cafes and cute little shops. Plus you can sit outside, which I really like.

To start of we grabbed something from their pide menu- we went with the wild mushroom one, but it was a tough choice. The pide was good but had way too much cheese compared to pides that I am used to. I think it is a bit of an Americanization, but it over powers the other ingredients.

I then grabbed then skillet scramble with soujuk. I probably should have read the menu as it came as a bit of a surprise that it came out like a frittata (it clearly says it will), but it was delicious and I think counted as part of the F45 Challenge program (the glasses or rose however, did not).

Al ordered the short rib fricassee- man o man that was good. Definitely the winning dish. Braised short rib, roasted potatoes, caramelized onion, cheese, egg and toasted ciabatta. So good.

The whole menu looks great absolutely worth going back to test out some of the other options.

Particularly good after a hike so you can have an excuse for extras :).

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