Ventura Day out! Ventura County, CA

I have an obsession with fish tacos in Ventura, and always want to drive up the coast to get them. I also think Ventura is about 20 mins away, which for some reason it never is! I am positive they keep moving it.

With Briony over from London visiting I determined a hot Saturday was the perfect day to head up the coast- unfortunately, so did everybody else. So to keep Al’s sanity we got off the grid-locked PCH and headed up the freeway instead. While this is pretty annoying and I LOVE the coast road, there was 1 major benefit: Golf n Stuff!!

I’ve driven past this place before and been over excited about what I could see but today was the perfect day to stop! And I can tell you, man! Totally worth the drive out (especially with an eye on tacos).

The mini gold here is banging! And the stuff! There’s a lot of it! We opted for the $17 round of golf plus 1 stuff plus tokens for the arcade games.

The stuff options are plentiful, but I was not walking away from the bumper boats. I have great memories of this when I was little at Adventure World in Australia, and was ready to recreate it.

Turns out, there’s no delicate way to bumper boat as a grown up in a skirt! Still worth it.

After that it was over to the arcade games. I love old school games like skeet ball & the pinball. They’re just plain fun. We got enough tokens to not win anything even half way decent, which I have decided is not a reflection of our skills!

From here it was a quick dip at the beach. It was bloody hot at the golf. Of course, the waves were against us so we had to do that Californian thing of staying in the shallows to not get completely pummeled.

Then what we’d all been waiting for, the piece de resistance: Spencer Mackenzie’s Fish Tacos!!!! Are they best ever? I don’t know, but they are damn good

There’s always a queue outside, but you don’t have to wait long for a table inside. They have great grilled fish, and prawns and all sorts. They are perfectly cooked every time. Be sure to get the guacamole and chips, obviously. I get 2, even though I really only need 1, but I travel for these so it’s ok!

After stuffing yourself with the good stuff, it’s back down the coast home. A pretty perfect day.

Top tip: don’t do this after sight seeing LA first, just go straight up.

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