Petersen Automobile Museum: LA

petersen museum

I have been driving past the Petersen Museum a lot since I’ve moved to LA. The building is phenomenal and then I saw Perez Hilton’s visit and it looked good PLUS Biggie was at a party there when he was shot leaving (hang on, that’s not a positive reason). Anyway, the point is, it’s been on my radar and looking attractive. Oh, and I thought Al would like it- he goes to a lot of museums that I like, it seems right I find one that he likes.

Anyway, we finally made it. The thing about the F45 Challenge is you don’t really get to go out for dinner (tragic) but it means you have more money for spending on fun things. So without further adieu we not only booked a visit, we booked a vault tour too.

The normal ticket is $16 then the vault 75 min vault tour is another $20 (the 120 min is $30) PLUS you’re looking at $20 for parking (this part is a rip). The vault tour, however, if 100% worth it. We booked the 75 min and I was not feeling great about how much time that was (teeny tiny attention span, bit of a misbehaver when I hit the limits) but the reality was that it flew past. You actually really needed the 120 to not feel like you are missing something, not to worry, we’ll do it when my bro comes to visit (he’ll love it).

Here’s my top tip: go early and do the actual museum before you do your vault tour. The museum is really good, but feel disappointing when you do the vault first.

The vault is amazing!!! But you aren’t allowed to take any pictures which is tough! Obviously, I get it. It’s a museum that you can drive the pieces off really easy so they don’t want everything on the internet, but I still want to take pics! Our guide was phenomenal, I am sure they all are (you don’t work in a car museum without loving them). He has amazing stories about the cards and the people who drove them as well as educating me the whole way around- though I absolutely could not answer a single question he asked. Probably still couldn’t.

You should 100% if you are in LA, apparently it is one of the best car museums in the word, and when you go in, you’ll see why.

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