Success! Good bread found: Lodge Bread Co, Marina Del Rey, LA

I’m not going lie, bread has been more miss than hit since I moved to LA. It feels like it’s full of sugar and for some reason the crusts are all soft! So, when I find a good bread, it’s happy dance material. I LOVE bread. Like seriously love.

My go to has been Gjusta but it’s never a good plan to have all your eggs in 1 basket. I needed a good bread alternative. So off I went on my treadly down Washington to give Lodge Bread Co. a go. Totally worth the ride and now I have a 2nd bread place!

Obviously, they have a great toast selection but I was going for more substantial: the shakshouka. It was really tasty. Not soupy like they can be. Once I took off all of the dill it was great.

Coffee was pretty good for a non-Aussie place too 😜.

They’ve got a nice patio out the front which has enough plants so you forget your on a main road.

And of course, loaves of bread aplenty! You order and pay at the counter then head over to what I can only describe as a roundabout of carb heaven to grab your loaf

Oh yeah, and there’s cake!!! I got a great piece of croissant bread & butter pudding cake (finally!) and a good piece of banana loaf. Talk about winning

It seems I ate the cakes with out taking a picture of their awesomeness. Oops.

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