Who needs Europe when you have California? Solvang, California

Holy moly this place is amazing. It’s like a little American mismatch opinion of Scandinavia toy town with a hint of Dutch & German. I love it!

This is 100% somewhere I am coming back to and having a sleepover at. There’s heaps of great looking wine bars which I am dying to try.

This was only a bit of a stop for us so other than wandering around in pure unadulterated excitement here’s what we did:

Succulent Cafe & Trading Company: pork heaven! This is going to be an intense heavy meaty breakfast which you will not regret. Word of warning: this is not for vegetarians and there is no fruit on the side. I had to laugh when the couple behind us in the queue finally got one from the front and he said “i mean is there anything here you can eat” and she said “you’re saying this now after we’ve waited this long! You know I’m vegan. I can probably have a piece of toast”.

We had the short rib hash

And the fried chicken & gravy biscuit.

These were holy-ba-joly good but way to rich for me. This was an Al order for sure!

Next up: the Christmas shop. I think they said it’s been around for 50 years. It’s great, intense like a Christmas shop should be. Plus I get a xmas dec everywhere I go so I was in my happy place

Motorcycle museum.This is basically some guy’s personal collection of old bikes. There over 100 bikes from around 1912-1990. It’s actually super interesting and I’m not a bike person. Worth the $10.

Posing with vaguely European things. Because, why wouldn’t you?

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