Hungover dim sum brunch: Sea Harbour Seafood Restaurant, LA

Dim sum, what’s not to love about it? LA has a big China town near DTLA but after a little googling I learnt that the good stuff is out in East LA. I searched for best dim sum and got a great list of options but decided on Sea Harbour Seafood restaurant in Rosemead. Being dim sum, the smart move was to save the first test for Jax’s visit because dimsum is best with multiple of 3 (I find it best for sharing, plus you get to taste more than with 2 people). We actually had decided to go earlier in the visit but nasty hangovers prevented us, so with her last weekend with us not even hangovers were stopping our chance for dimsum!

We made it out there with 30 minutes to spare- turns out it’s a smart idea to check opening times before heading out as it closes at 2.30 on Sundays, oops. The benefit of turning up just before they close, not a long wait. My understanding is that you will always have to wait for a table at this place, but it will be worth it, I promise. 

With 20 minutes to go before close we had our orders in and were seated at a table. They had given us a menu and order form while we were waiting so were good to go as soon as we had our opportunity. You may think 20 minutes isn’t long for dim sum but with some determination you can do a good job πŸ™‚

It’s hard to remember exactly what we got but here were some of my favourites:
* baked pok buns– we ended up getting a double order of these they were so yum
* steamed buns– a classic, you just can’t go wrong with these
* Juicy buns— these had a soup in them which I loved. Should have doubled down on these
* scallop dumpling
* shrimp dumpling
* chinese broccoli– always yummy, but you really need a little green to help you appreciate the dumplings more
* steamed rice noodle with bbq pork
* ginger chicken and pork bun

The steamed pieces were beautifully light and you could taste the difference between each piece, for me, this is the mark of good dimsum. I hate it when everything inside the pastry stuff goes into the category of mystery meat. 

As you can see it was a big pork day for us πŸ™‚ Other things we grabbed were:
* Spring rolls: these were good spring rolls, I just prefer the steamed stuff
* Wonton noodle soup
* Calamari
* Bbq pork pastry

Pretty impressive in 20 minutes, hey! Needless to say we were pretty stuffed afterwards so we grabbed our leftovers jumped in an uber and got back home quickly we could get horizontal and feel sorry for ourselves πŸ™‚

A good dimsum kind of reminds me of home – the last few visits home I’ve had family dimsum time with my brother who is pretty good at picking places. Jax, however, is what I would call a dimsum expert with all of her time in Hong Kong and she has agreed that this is a good one πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘

I’ll be looking forward to heading out for more dimsum, but perhaps next time I’ll try to get a little more time at the table.

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