Vegie goodness: Cafe Gratitude, Downtown LA

I saw Cafe Gratitude on Girlfriends Guide to Divorce and knew that my chance of trying it with a buddy was going to be during Jax’s visit– it is not one for Al, that’s for sure! As you may have realised I am not even vegetarian let alone vegan, but I do love a good vegie dish. And as much as I also enjoy laughing at the concept, I like that all the food is named as positive statements. Sometime you just need a little positivity in your life.

We went to the site in the Arts District which is a beautiful space. It is a good size, nice and light, with good clean lines which I really like.

The menu is huge! So many delicious options it is hard to choose. I ordered the Samosa Chaat and a small summer grain salad and Jax had the raw mexican lasagna.

I wasn’t sure how they were going to do the pastry on the samosa as vegan and still think the term pastry is really being used loosely but the actual flavours of the dish were good. Not too over powering. With the amount of chickpeas though it is a filling dish, the salad was not needed. The salad was nice and the cashew mozzarella actually tasted good which I was doubting at the start.

The mexican raw lasagna was a real winner though. Very light and unusual. I reckon I can recreate a version of this (which will probably not be vegan) and it would be a great summer dish.

When they waiter puts your food in front of you he says it in ‘you’re’ statements which are lovely. You are dynamic. You are gracious. You are fabulous. Just the sort of lovely pick me up we needed.

We didn’t get to try any of the baked goods but they looked delicious. I would suggest walking past the counter before ordering to see if that changes your mind, as we were too full after our dishes. Oh, I think it’s probably worth noting they have a little mini shop section where you can buy cook book and other lovely things.

With their several locations I think Gratitude will be perfect for a post spin Saturday lunch when you want to feel not only goood about yourself, but about your choices as well.

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