A short stop in the heart of San Diego, California.

I do love San Diego. It’s a town with a great vibe and some delicious restaurants. We stopped in on our way down to Baja to break up the journey and I am super glad we did.


For ease, we were staying in the Gaslamp area so went out for drinks around there. Honestly, I’m not the biggest fan of this area, but it is central, and there are plenty of bars with happy hours.

First up was Tin Roof. There is live music here, which was actually really good and a good little happy hour. This was about day 3 of Chris’s visit and we were in a fish taco thing so we go the crazy fish tacos to try. they had a bit of a Korean twist to them which worked.

Then it was off to Taste & Thirst, which caught our attention with it’s longer happy hour 🙂 This is not a place I’d be rushing back to. The margaritas were not a big hit with the gang but they did have a drink called Mexican Candy which won more fans.

After a few drinks I took everyone to Hodad’s for burgers. I found this place on my last visit to San Diego, it’s a great burger joint and you can get dinner without it costing a fortune…. plus they sell that hot sauce that I love and it’s only $5!! Burgers were just as good as I remembered.

We finished up at Coin Op. I can not go past a bar that is an arcade game place as well! That being said, I am terrible at computer games and pretty much just end up playing skeet ball which amuses me greatly. But hey, it’s fun.


The next day we headed up to Little Italy for breakfast. Now this central San Diego area I like. Lots of great restaurants but doesn’t feel as tacky as the Gaslamp. For a Saturday morning, it felt very quiet, probably related to the time of year and maybe the fact that we were there before the website said the restaurant was open.

It’s a nice looking brunch menu, so Italian you can get pasta for breakfast 🙂 Feeling unable to make a decision this morning, I went with the waiters recommendation of the breakfast piadina. Which is Italian flatbread rolled up with eggs, bacon & cheese with a arrabbiata sauce. It was good. But I did have jealous feelings looking at Chris’ breakfast pizza. I love pizza, why do I try and pretend I don’t eat it for breakfast!

Saturdays in Little Italy also brings you an amazing farmers market. Seriously, you do not want to miss this one. I could have walked away with a car full of stuff if I wasn’t on my way down to Mexico. Heaps of great cheeses, sauces, salts (very much a thing, I did not realise how many different salts there were), nut butters etc etc etc.

I also finally got to see the giant sculpture version of the Victory Day couple kissing: Unconditional Surrender. I know, it’s giant, how had I missed it before? No idea, but 2 trips to San Diego I missed it! My happiness at finally getting to see it was slightly dampened by Amanda (rightly) pointing out that the kiss definitely did not have consent! Damn it.

I can’t get enough of San Diego, every time I am here I feel like I do not have enough time. I have barely made a dent in exploring the neighbourhoods so it is lucky that it is only a couple hours drive away.


  1. Sarah C. N.

    Hi! I am entirely new to WordPress and am still trying to figure out how to use the functions, but I love this post. As someone who was born in San Diego and got to spend a couple of years there, experiencing all the sights, it’s always exciting to see what other people find interesting and noteworthy about San Diego. Next time you come, if you want, you should let me know, and I can take you to some pretty amazing burgers ice cream, and hot chocolate!
    Love this!


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