Amazing Thai: Night + Market Sahm, Venice, Los Angeles

Night + Market has been worth the wait! Why did I bother waiting? Well, there’s no reservations so you need to be prepared to queue which is something Al is not generally good at. But with 3 visitors, Jax & I could not pass up the opportunity to get to taste a stack of dishes. In reward for our effort, it turned out you could put your name down and then they text you when your table is ready so you can wait at a bar!

Little update: it’s now on Resy! No more waiting!!

In true form, we massively over ordered. Which would not have been quite so bad if everyone had eaten their share (heehee), but the leftovers ended up in my freezer for Al so I have no problems with it. Plus I’d prefer to over order and taste more things rather than feel like I missed out– this is probably an insight into my psyche.

It was totally worth the wait guys. Both Jax & I bought the cookbook afterward- that’s how yum it was! Now there is a lot to choose from, so don’t get overwhelmed. If in doubt, I say randomly point at things- you’ll enjoy it.

Chicken wings: I don’t eat wings, but everyone else said they were good. Not hot, but sweet & salty.

Pork Toro: also not something for me. Kind of like really fat bacon with a chili dip. This is another dish that we picked for others, not for me. See, I can be thoughtful!

World famous fried chicken sandwich: When we lived in Silverlake I walked past the sign for this every other day. It tormented me! When Jax was visiting we were determined to try it and every time we went we were at the wring time of the day! So did it live up to the hype? It was nice, but for me, not a standout dish.

Panang En Neua: a short rib panang with roti. God damn, this was good. Potentially my favourite dish.

Garlic green beans: you need greens! Add garlic and you can’t really go wrong.

Pastrami pad kee mao: I could not go past this as it was so unexpected. Make sure you get it.

Hoi Tod: Seafood pancake. I remember that this was nicer than I expected but I don’t have a clear memory of exactly why.

Peeking Duck Pizza: I think this was on the specials list. If it turns up again, try it. It’s yum

XO Beef Broccoli: Good, I remember Jax saying that it wasn’t the XO she was expecting but I didn’t really have any expectation so I just enjoyed it.

Sprouting Cauliflower: also from the specials. I am really into cauliflower right now and it was good to have my habit supported.

Squid: really good! Cooked beautifully. I’m pretty sure this was a special too. As you can see, the special menu is worth ordering from.

Chicken pad thai: I don’t think it is possible to go to Thai and not have a pad thai, which means it is a good dish for measuring a thai up. No surprise, this was a good one.

Here is my top tip for over ordering: eat a little bit of each dish as it arrives and then intermittently have the dishes boxed when your table starts getting full. This was you don’t scoff everything at the start because it’s so yummy and then not be able to fit the last dishes in! It is easier to sneak into the take away dishes than it is to stuff more food in with no room.

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