Burgers that changed London: Meatmission, Shoreditch, London 

For me this is where it all started, and it will always be a landmark of just joy. You see I moved to Hoxton a few years back right about the time that I think the London food scene really started to kick it up a notch. I loved living in Hoxton, it was my favourite. 

Now a days there’s decent-good burger joint in every neighborhood; but it definitely didn’t feel like it then. The Meat Liquor group really changed my  take on what a good burger was, and in my opinion, Meat Mission, is there best one. 

Set in an old mission building they have kept the churchy feel to it- but it is most definitely dedicated to the worship of the burger 😇

So what did we have for our last burgers in London?

The Dead Hippie burger: two patties and their signature Dead Hippie sauce (yum)

Chicken Tower Block Burger: my God do meat mission do a good chicken burger. I get so annoyed with piece if chicken that are way too small for the bun, or so thin you question if it is actually chicken; but not here! I was left with actual chicken in my hand! Not bread! The burger itself has a hashbrown, cabbage, jalapenos and Russian sauce. It is so good, I would say new favorite. 

Monkey fingers: the chicken goujons with their spicy sauce . It’s not too spicy but full of flavour 

Dead Hippie fries: they’re really clear here, it’s fries not chips. These are covered in caramelised onions + hippie sauce. I’d like cheese too but you have to minimise that when you go with lactose intolerant people 😦

Mac n cheese balls: not necessary. These were the only things that let you down. There’s nothing particularly wrong with them I just think they probably need better seasoning/ crumb

To be clear, even though I felt like it, I did not eat all of that! 

I am going to miss this place! They do however sell their book which includes recipes and their story. So I’ll be working out how to get this shipped to the US for me.

Value for money: excellent. Quality ingredients and not expensive. 

Service: quick 

Reservations: it does get busy especially on the weekends, though table turn over is good.


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