Meatporn at Buen Ayre

Buen Ayre, London Fields, is an amazing neighbourhood steak restaurant. The quality is up there with Hawksemoore & STK without the pomp and price. We went in on a weeknight, it was busy but not overly so. When you walk it it us underwhelming. It’s simple decor, plastic chairs etc. But do not let that put you off – it is a treasure trove of yumminess. Word of warning – this is NOT a place for vegetarians šŸ˜‰ 

To start off they pop down some bread & butter, no big deal, heaps of places do that … but this has blue cheese in the butter! Now that is something I can get on board with! 

The menu is a steak menu or you can go a mixed grill style. After seeing the mixed grill when we went in it felt like that was the only option, and we were not disappointed. 

There was massive chunks of fillet, sirloin, flank, and rib eye as well as provolone cheese and giant garlic mushroom. Delicious. There was so much it was impossible to finish, it looked like we had barely touched it when we were done. The great news is, they doggy bag! So there was massive amounts of leftovers. For me the best part was the fillet. 

Value for money: 100% best value. Great quality produce, huge huge portions and prices that make you question your sanity. Ā£22 each for the mixed grill! Ridiculous. 

Service: so nice. The staff were really friendly & quick with a joke. 

Reservations: yup they accept them. It’s on Broadway in London Fields so I’d want a reservation, though there a few good restaurants along there if you struggle. 

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