Good old fashion comfort food, Dirty Bones 

100% psyched for Psycle! I’ve been off exercise for a few weeks due to an ankle injury and just got the green light to try spin again by my Physio (as he put it, you don’t often sprain an ankle on a bike). Psycle is getting harder & harder to get a bike in so I was lucky to pick up a waitlist spot- we need a new location to open!!! I won’t bore you with the details but it was a good class and felt like just what I needed. 

As I hobbled out I thought about how many calories I had burnt… and how I neeeded to get out and spend them on something yummy ☺️. So, off it was to Dirty Bones. I find that with my ankle not in a good place I seem to be staying around the same neighbourhood to cut down on my walking. Dirty Bones is upstairs in Kingly Court, but there are a couple of other sites. 

It is super cute inside, lots of good neon (you might have worked out I am a little neon obsessed) and good tunes playing. 

I didn’t realise they do a brunch menu – very NYC style with a mix of burgers and breakfast stuff. I had my heart set on a burger, mac & cheese balls & fries (some might say that it would be more calories than I burnt but I believe that is a very negative attitude) and got a bit thrown when the balls weren’t on the brunch menu. Luckily, the waitress gave me her suggestion and I ended up ordering the short rib crumpets and a serve of mac. 

The crumpets were so damn delicious. A couple of years ago I tried a brisket Bennie in the Cosmpolitan in Vegas and thought I’d died and gone to heaven, I’ve been chasing that since. The short rib was so tender & full of flavour. I didn’t read the menu properly because I didn’t click there was hollandaise, which I normally get on the side as I don’t like a lot. I would personally skip it and replace it with their hot sauce (which I smothered all over mine). It’s not that hot and goes really well with the short rib 

Now for the Mac. I LOVE Mac & cheese, but find so many places in London mess it up, but not this time. So cheesy & smooth, it tasted like I was in America! I had to force myself not to eat the whole dish despite being so full I was falling asleep at the table. This is most definitely up there with best London macs. 

Value for money: I think this is great. Not expensive, good portion size and flavour like there’s no tomorrow. I will absolutely be going back especially to try that Mac & cheese burger. 

Service: really nice. I like it when the staff will help you with the menu, sharing their favourite bits 

Reservations: I was lucky, no wait at about 1 on a Saturday. However, as I was leaving people were being told 30 min wait. I would book a table. 

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