It’s a big call- favourite restaurant in LA: E.P. & L.P. Los Angeles 

About two years ago we walked up the stairs to E.P. Not really knowing anything other than Martin saying ‘one of the chefs is a mate from home’. In true boy fashion he had not made a reservation and there we were rocking up in what I believe is one of the greatest restaurants in LA. We ended up having an amazing meal, taking a tour through the delicious menu and having one of the best nights of our trip. So with Martin back in town it was only natural that the 4 of us would make our way back to E.P.  Of course this time we were older and wiser and turned up with a reservation 😜

Over the summer L.P. their roof top bar, has been doing roof top movies – their roof top is just gorgeous. You can’t scroll through instagram without seeing a pic of their neon ‘where love lives’. I highly recommend heading up for a drink before you eat and take in the beautiful colours of a LA sunset sky. 

As per our original visit, we put our ordering in the hands of the chefs and went with a chef’s menu. I can’t recommend this enough, especially with a few people. You get to try a variety of dishes and at a reasonable price. 

Side bar: I think America does the chefs menu really well, much better priced than those I tried in Europe. 

Anyway, back to EP. It’s an Asian eating house – what does that mean? They’re pulling inspiration from Thai, Chinese, Fijian & Vietnamese and blending it with a Californian edge. For me, it tastes like home with that real fusion of flavours. 

Full disclosure: I drank way to much and both my memory & photos (when I thought to take them) are hazy, which means I can’t give you real clarity on what we tried this time, though I promise you it was super delicious. 

So, here goes… I think we had some kakoda which is a Fijian style cerviche. This was one of our first dishes so I’m fairly confident. The sauce was amazing, much more flavour full than Peruvian ones I’ve tried. I imagine that has something to do with the coconut milk, chili, lime combo. 

Sticky spare ribs. I think this is what these are. Instead of being full side ribs they were more like nuggets of ribs that you pop whole into your mouth and chew off the yumminess. I’m not a rib fan, would never normally order them but they were good. 

Next up was ‘check your neck’ where you roll your own lamb lettuce cups. I feel like restaurants are really trying to change my mind on lamb these days. I only rarely have it as I find it a bit rich and fatty, but damn these LA places are making it good. I think this along with the little rib nuggets were definitely the boys favourite. 

Up with my favourite dish was the Chiang Mai Larb a spicy salmon dish. As long as it’s not smoked, salmon is always a winner for me but this beautiful. 

At this point I run out of my terrible pictures, though that’s probably a good thing as my limited skill were clearly tapped out. 

Lou Dogg’s chicken was another fav. There’s a reason why it featured on instagram, DineLA menus and other events: it’s a house favourite, and when you taste it you’ll see why. 

Desserts are not my thing but I always have a taste, just to be on the safe side 😜 we had some kind of magical violet crumble remake that was amazing. Luckily jax got a pic

Next trip to EP will be a decidedly more sober affair and I think I might create my own selection of dishes I haven’t had the chance to try yet – easy to do when their menu is designed to be family style. I’m also super keen to try the weekend brunch. I’ve also seen a rendang popping up every now and then and LOVE a good rendang, it was pretty hard to get in London outside of my own kitchen so… 🤞🏽

After you eat you can head back up stairs for drinks, if you dare 😝 it’s a pretty gorgeous setting for cocktails under the stars. When I was living in London and friends were coming to LA I always recommended EP and it has never let me down. So if you’ve only got time for 1 restaurant in LA, this should be it. 

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