Arctic Disco: Snowbombing, Mayrhof, Austria

Like all festivals there are some things that are a bit of a wrought (wristbands that you overload in cash to get bonus money only to discover it’s not as easy as you think to use) but the Arctic Disco is in no way one of these!!!!

They are an add on ticket and you will be devastated if you miss out. My understanding is (from Al talking about it endlessly) that you basically need to sit by your computer until they announce ticket sales are open and then refresh, refresh, refresh until you hopefully get some. Al did all of this and we were only able to get tix for the last day which is technically after the festival. Everything else was a sold out

Turns out last day was just about perfect, we had the best weather and DJ Yoga.


You take a big gondola ride up the Ahorn and are greeted by the security team for a safety announcement: do not go behind the igloo. You will fall off the mountain and die- normally I’m not good at sticking to ‘no’ rules (it makes it too tempting) but I decided not to push this one.


It is such a beautiful setting! You grab a chair and a drink and watch the sun set across the mountains while you wait for the DJ to start. Doesn’t get much better. It’s a definite ‘how’s the serenity’ moment.



The other thing I love about this event, aside from the fact it is in an igloo, is that it feels very intimate after being in big locations like the racket club.


I saw DJ Yoda earlier in the week with his awesome set and video show, so was really looking forward to this. There was a potential for it to not feel as good without the video but that definitely was not the case. The tunes were banging and everyone – inside + out- were dancing. Because the event is smaller you can really see the DJ in action.

With DJ Yoda you can see how much he loves music. Every time he had a song lined up ready that would make the crowd go mental you could see a cheeky smile appear, followed by a look of smug satisfaction as the hands go up.


Do not miss this event. There’s nothing like it.

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