Bristol Easter mini break jammed full of street art Part 1, England

Bristol is known as a premier city for street art, and as a result it has been on my list to visit for years (that an a small obsession with Skins). With my first ever Easter alone, in my LIFE, I decided now was as good a time as any. Yes my #lastdaysoflondon are jammed packed and involve a lot of leaving London!

Booking in advance I managed to secure 1st class train tickets for £70 return, something I would absolutely advise you do. I usually use . The journey is just over 2 hours so no biggy, but from memory this line can get really busy on the way back so I would definitely want a seat reservation.

A few years ago I had seen these airstreams onto of a room in a hotel in Bristol, and I thought it was such a cool concept. I wasn’t sure that they would be around still but they are, at the Brooks Guesthouse Originally I had just booked a room in the hotel but then i thought, fuck it, why not actually stay where you want to rather than just pop up and take a picture. So i got the last caravan left 20ft, which was the biggest all for me.


First morning I decided to have the hotel breakfast. I love their semi-open kitchen which gives the place a real homey feel. Foodwise I would say it was average. The eggs were over cooked and the mushrooms were sadly cold but the bacon and sausages were delicious. In reality I should have waited till I went out wandering but I wasn’t sure what to expect on Good Friday.

I found a site to guide me on my exploration of Bristol while I waited for my streetart tour. This short article on is really good, and it is only now that i am learning this has way more on it.

I walked up to the Clifton Suspension Bridge. An iconic Bristol site. An engineering feat by Brunel (who I understand loves all things boat). The sight did not disappoint. It is over the deep valley with the Avon river running beneath. You can walk across the bridge, but that was not going to be for me (I am confident my fear of height would have me peeing my pants if I looked down). So a few pics and I started walking back. Word of warning: Bristol is bloody hilly! I am counting this as a work out!


I stopped in the Clifton Village for a little look around. This is so, so cute. Not at all how I had Bristol in my head (yes I was picturing all Skins). There are big fancy Victorians and every other little shop seems to be a deli (I love delis). I couldn’t resist stopping at Anna for a little cake taste, they just looked so beautiful.  There were so many different options but I went for a chocolate, strawberry and chilli one. It was nice enough but not something for me to rave about,  a little dry in the actual cake. What I did love was the concept of a cake flight. I want my buddy @foodieforthought to try this with her cakes!


The afternoon was a Bristol streetart walking tour with Where the wall. I was so glad I booked this! At under £10 it a bargain! The tour is led by a local artist and the amount of information you get is absolutely worth it. Sure, you can just walk around and see heaps yourself but during the tour you hear more about the people and meaning behind the pieces as well as different techniques. I can not recommend this enough! It’s also a great way to get the lay of the land.

Now the hard part has been narrowing down some picture! There are so many gorgeous murals from such amazing talent, you just have to see this for yourself. Word of warning: don’t forget the streetart scene is transient, what if here today may not be here tomorrow.










As I was heading off to  Casamia (read review for this here) I only had a light lunch. I saw Proven a pizza by the slice place and decided to go there. Sadly, it was disappointing. The base though crispy (how i like it) was covered in flour which I find terrible on a pizza. The topping sounded interesting: brie, sliced apple and pancetta, but sadly did not deliver. Voodoo Ray in London have the capacity to have light toppings that whack out the flavour, Proven I suggest you go on a day trip to see how to do this right.

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