Bristol Easter mini break jammed full of streetart, Part 2: England

A new day, a new pile of street art to go and see! With no tour booked for the day it was up to me to roam the streets and see what I could see. Ok, that’s not strictly true, I did a little bit of research 🙂

Following guidance from wow247 I headed over to Southville for breakfast. I figured this was as good a place as any to start. It was a nice walk along the river there, only about 20 mins from the center of town and when I got there I knew this was the right place for me to be. So many cute cafes and shops and my favourite thing ever- a butcher who bbq’s outside! I was early for the 10am opening of Souk Kitchen so went for a small wander up North Street– this street has art everywhere!



I couldn’t resist stopping in at Tincan Coffee Co for a coffee- it just looked so great. They have a great selection of pastries as well (yes I caved and bought some to take home). It’s one of those coffee cars where they have a ‘guest’ coffee beans. I am not coffee enough to know anything about different beans (I just like drinking the stuff), bit I am a sucker for a sales pitch so yes, I would love to sample your guest bean!


From there it was back down to the Souk Kitchen for some much needed breakie. I went for the shakshouka but ended up going for their veggie option, with a side of merguez sausage. The courgette, sweetcorn and feta fritters were to die for; so crispy on the outside and full of flavour. Eggs were cooked perfectly and the harrissa sauce tied it all together nicely. I definitely did not need the merguez sausage, I just sometimes freak out at a veggie option for breakfast 🙂 When it arrived I panicked as I thought it was covered in dill which I hate with a passion, but luckily it wasn’t.

There was  a guy next to me eating the shakshouka (he weirdly did not offer me a taste!) it looked good but not enough for me to regret my choice.


Full as a goog I was ready to wander some more. I’d  looked at a buzz feed  link listing some murals in Bristol and there was a Dan Kitchener one I was interested in seeing- but remember what I said in my first Bristol post: street art is temporary, and most of the ones listed on this site were actually gone. But that’s ok, because what that tells us is there are some great walls in the area that people are painting on.







There are so many more pictures I could put up! After covering off North Street I decided to head back over to the other side  of town. I wanted to head back into Stokes Croft so see some more pieces but thought on the way I’d follow a guide to some Banksys available on the Visit Bristol site – with so many other artists around I had pretty much forgotten this was one of my main reasons for coming to Bristol! I only ended up actually getting to the first 4, which was remarkably more successful than the time I tred to conduct my own Banksy tour in London 6 years ago when they had all disappeared!





Hmm, maybe I did better than I thought. I guess this explains why I did not have enough time to get back to Stokes Craft before heading back to London!

So here’s my advice to you: go to Bristol! Book a tour with Where the Wall as soon as you can to get an idea of what is going on, then wander. Spend hours wandering the streets getting lost in all of that colour and beauty.

I’ll leave you with a couple more pics:









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