An Indonesian Feast: Wallflower, Venice, LA

Rose Ave, Venice is a great street for eats & drinks, and just off the main tourist stretch (that’s a win in my book, despite starting as a tourist here). Wallflower sits in a great building at the Lincoln end of Rose. If you didn’t know about it, you could easily pass by without responding. But trust me, you want to stop here and be prepared to feast.

Wallflower serves up South East Asian food with an emphasis on Indonesian, something you don’t get enough of in LA. Like many restaurants in LA now, Wallflower is designed to share. You know I love sharing so I can taste more.

We went here with family over, but right after I just got back from Sydney, so I really, really tried to not over order. I think successfully this time (except for the extra sate I ordered 😂).

What did we get?

Tahu Gejrot: tofu cooked in all my fav flavours- tamarind, chili, shallots, garlic, you know, the good stuff. I really love a good tofu dish, and this is one of them.

Calamari bumbu kuning: beautifully grilled calamari. I really enjoyed this dish, definitely one to order.

Indonesian Sate: how good is sate/satay. I had some amazing Thai satay in Sydney before I left (and I mean amazing) so my standards were high. This was good, really good sate sauce. Probably not as good as the Thai one in Sydney but that’s a different sauce (and country).

Duck lumpia: crispy duck roll. Yum.

Wok tossed veg: much needed veggies in a black bean style sauce. Really good veg.

Rendang Mamak: oh my god do I love rendang! There is no way I wouldn’t order it if it was on the menu. This was good. A really mellow rendang who’s flavour grows as you eat it. And the meat was so damn tender!

Char sui pork: well, you know I wasn’t eating much of this because it’s pork belly and I’m not great with that BUT this bit I tasted was good.

I didn’t even try any of the real big dishes or the kwee tiauw goreng which is on my next time list. I’ve also seen the do a happy hour and brunch which look worth checking out.

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