Dining in Orange, Central NSW AUSTRALIA

Who knew Orange had so much yummy food! I guess it shouldn’t be a big surprise, wine regions tend to have other good produce, but for some reason I wasn’t expecting it. And so many options! We didn’t get to try them all.

Byng Street Local Store

This place is dynamite. Our first experience with eating in Orange and I think it was probably the best. It’s a little local cafe using great ingredients to put out breakfast and lunch. The place is the epitome of a great Aussie Cafe. We were there on a Friday and the wait wasn’t too long, but I understand on the weekend you had better be prepared for a big one.

Being back in OZ I was feeding my bacon & egg roll additiction, which Jax indulges. Luckily, when you have a bestie that also loves trying different things you get to share breakfasts. So, I get to try the version of the b&e roll and whatever Jax chooses 🙂

So how was the roll here? Really good, the best I had. I think the key was the fancy Trunkey bacon, man that stuff is bacon gold. They put a little pesto & spinach which was a nice touch. Jax ordered the Spanish eggs in purgatory. These were also really yum. White beans cooked in a great tomato sauce with amazing chorizo sausage. We also added one of their fancy sausages on the side. It was good, but not needed, especially because it was one you had to wait for.

All the baked goods here looked amazing as well. We obviously couldn’t go past those. My favourite, was the muffin. It was awesome.

Racine Bakery

Yum! Man I love a good bakery. Despite already having cakes, we stopped in for a little french stick (felt important to have at home for cheese) and well, some more cakes! I’m pretty sure I’d be in here all the time. It’s part of the Racine Restaurant group which is on my list of places for next time

The Greenhouse

Inside the Ex-servicemen’s club the Greenhouse is a great value eatery in the center of Orange. It’s your normal pub-fare of deliciousness at a really good prices. We opted for a good steak, a pizza and some good old chips & gravy. Yup, we basically ate like grown up kids. The steak was HUGE. I mean serious, it was 2 normal size steaks.

Anything Grows Cafe

This little cafe is tucked into a garden center, I love these sorts of places. It’s a small menu but I was captivated by the damper roll B&E. You can sit out in the garden, which is lovely. In trying to be better about our eating *eye roll* we opted for the roll, a muffin & a sausage roll to share. Honestly, the b&e roll needed way more bacon. The roll was too big for the amount of contents, but the damper roll was a treat! Muffin & sausage roll were good too. Sausage rolls are one of those Aussie treats I have to make sure I have when I go home. Why aren’t they a thing in LA?

The best part about breakfasting here? Going into the little shop after to buy stuff! Jax & I walked out with matching piggy planters and Jax got a really good prices wooden serving board. I totally would have gotten one too but it was super heavy, not good for flying back (especially when you need to load a suitcase full of Allens lollies & Cadbury chocolate)

Hotel Canobolas

After a day of wine tasting, a good country meal is just what you need. This trip was a great one for Aussie classics, and no Aussie classic food tour is without a chicken parmie. The Hotel Canobolas is in a great old hotel building from 1938, I love these. They feel like home. Went in with the intention of getting a chicken parmie and some wedges, what actually happened was significantly more. It turns out they have a great meat counter which comes from their own cattle. How on earth are you supposed to go past that? so, we ended up with steak, mash & veg, chicken parmie with chips AND wedges. No we were no proud of ourselves, but no regrets! It was al so, so good.

The parmie was perfect: a light crumb, no dried out chicken or soggy crumbs with a really good sauce.

The steak: perfection! Seasoned perfect, cooked perfect. You do not want to miss this.

The Agrestic Grocer

The final meal of the trip! Slightly out of town, these guys even make their own cheese! These guys really raised the bar when I read their website. It really screamed Aussie hipster, and delivered on it. I was super excited by the bacon & egg sandwich here. A fancy b&e roll with badlands beer jam and kimchee! I did not read the sandwich part though so was disappointed when it didn”t come out in a roll. Oh! They have the good bacon here! And really good sausages.

Jax ordered the shakshuku from the specials board. It was a good one.

They also have a little grocer here, so don’t expect to not buy anything.

The Old Mill, Millthorpe

Not far out of Orange is the historical town Millthorpe. It’s cute, but small, you’d definitely want to stay in Orange. We stopped for lunch on our way back to Sydney at The Old Mill. We both opted for the pie, and I’m glad we did. These pies were phenomenal. Great pastry and nice chunks of tender brisket. Yum, totally worth the diversion.

Places for next time

  • Racine restaurant: is the bakery is anything to go by the restaurant will be amazing. Plus the location is lovely
  • Lolli Ridini: a fancy restaurant. Everyone was talking about this place. You’ll need to book.
  • Charred Kitchen & Bar: lots of people recommended
  • Factory Espresso: for breakfast
  • Bill’s Beans: also for breakfast
  • Groundstone: brekky or lunch
  • Mr Lim: another one that everyone said was their fav.

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