Another Aussie winner: Ruby’s Cafe, Santa Monica California

Everybody knows that the Aussies are the champions of breakfast, and I’m not saying that because I’m bias. You’re always going to get something great and if you’re after it; vegetables.

After Coachella and a week of tacos Jax and I were in dire need of vegetables so we headed up to Ruby’s

Parking in Santa Monica can be a bit of a shit but we ended up next to Equinox for a flat rate of $8, which was better than a lot of places we’re offering

We had perfect timing and were seated straight away, but be prepared for a short wait, they turn over relatively quickly though.

What we got:

Sweet corn fritters: now this makes sense! We ordered them but had in our head that they would be zucchini and both said we’d say they were more corn; turns out that’s what they were! They were good. Quite big and had the right balance of being not dry but not sloppy which some fritters struggle with. They were, however, quite salty, so the marscapone was needed to soften that. I’m pretty sure we had bacon with this which we must have added. It didn’t need it, but can you ever go wrong with bacon?

Green eggs bowl: yum! Lovely soft scramble topped with spinach, kale, avo and salsa verde. I think I liked this dish the most. It just needed some fresh chili and it would have been perfect

Brussels sprouts: after much discussion over the week about learning that we don’t need to order food for the table, we sat down and ordered food for the table! Though made the decision that it didn’t count as it was veggies. These were delicious. Nicely roasted with some balsamic and other yumminess. It’s a big bowl though so be warned.

The menu has plenty of other things which look great as well, so will need to head back there at some point. The avocado on toast looked beautiful and I struggle to go past good banana bread (another stand out dish for Aussies). I’ll let you know how that works out.

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