Getting on the telly: CBS Studios, LA

Less than a week into my stay and I’m already on the Telly!! We picked up tickets to The Late Late Show through 1iota and it was awesome! 

There’s a little bit of queue waiting required before you get in, but all in all the experience is pretty seamless. 

I’d never been part of a studio audience before so was pretty excited – besides, it doesn’t really get any more LA! 

While we were getting our briefing Kevin Spacey walked over and interrupted! I mean, wow! Even the staff seemed pretty surprised by that, with one guy asking who got pics of it… and why yes, I did. How photogenic is he!

Once you get into the studio it’s no phones allowed- which I think is to be expected. Though the set was great so it was a shame. Our guests were Liev Schrider and Kelly Osbourne- I’m pretty sure Kelly was hammered. 

James played a studio audience game where you had to guess the news stories by the emojis: there was no way I was going to be able to get this! It’s been pointed out before that my news knowledge is not my strong point šŸ˜  However, the guys sitting next to us managed to get picked which means we got our tv debut – we’re the little heads in the right corner. 

Plus we got to conga through the studio!

Laughed lots (real laugh not canned laugh) and got in a great arm workout with all the clapping. I found it really interesting watching the show later to see what made it and what didn’t. 

I’d definitely recommend signing up for tickets. It’s a few hours and lots of fun. Plus free! In fact, I think I’ll sign up for more (can I count that as working?)

Afterwards we headed over to the Farmers Market food hall which looks really good! After a couple of drinks at EBs we got involved with the Tuesday night trivia night. I am terrible  at trivia but roped 2 strangers in to help us so we didn’t come last! I’m not counting the last round as we didn’t realize we were supposed to be doing it, so in my book we were 3rd last. 

Sadly, we didn’t get to try any of the food. It is all closing by the time the trivia finishes so little tip: get stuff during the long marking breaks. 

Drinks wise EBs has a decent amount of beer on tap and some nice cold wine. They play 2 tabs of sport, so add that to the quiz and it’s got pretty much everything you need. 

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