Feasting in Vegas: Las Vegas, Nevada

You will never be short of options for food in Vegas! It does however, greatly vary from cheap crap to expensive extravaganzas, so you will what to have a bit of an idea what you are going to do. What may surprise you is that this time I only had 1 food plan- everything else was being played by ear.


We were staying at the Park MGM which was a great place to be for food. First night we checked out Eataly. Jax, Al & I had been to the original one in Chicago but not eaten there and the one in LA had huge queues when it opened, so we figure we would grab a bite here after our show. It will come as no surprise that Jax and I really ordered too much here (we were several bottles of champagne in by this point). Eataly is like a giant, expensive food hall. The problem they had here was how slow it was- I think I could have been fine with the price if we weren’t waiting absolutely forever for stuff. How were pizzas ready before a cheese board?

The pizzas are a really fat, bready dough. which is not my style of pizza base (I like a thin, crisp or slightly chewy one, but always thin) but they were tasty (mushroom was my favourite), and even more tasty the next day when starving 🙂 Nothing like a little room food in an emergency. The pasta was nicely cooked- we did a ragu fettucine which could have done with some more meat in it and a fusilli with kale & sausage (I think).

I think you need to manage your expectation here. Hopefully they will sort out some of their service issues so you can just enjoy the food.

Best Friend

It’s no secret that I have a mega food crush on Roy Choi, I love what he does in the kitchen and he comes across as a great guy. I was dying to test out Best Friend and knew it was going to be the perfect meal to end the year on. 

The restaurant is cute, great neons outside and a nice big space, but I only had eyes for the menu. I was prepared to do some serious damage here. Everything was up for ordering except for the giant share dishes as they would be too filling for a massive order (something to go back for). This was to be a Korean-Mexican extravaganza. Once we ordered our waiter tried to warn us that we had too much, but I was not interested in that kind of negativity. We were trying as much as we could! Here is all is:

  • Silken tofu: with soy & vinegar
  • Korean wings: with chili, citrus & lychee
  • Dumplings: pork & beef with a dipping sauce
  • Big E from the OC: a kimchi fried arancini
  • Braised & charred octopus
  • Chego pork belly bowl
  • Kalbi: Korean bbq marinated short rib
  • BBQ Veggies
  • BBQ shrimp with a yuzu marinade
  • Coedo Shiro
  • Elotes: corn on the cob with that amazing flavouring
  • Slippery shrimp: with a chili mayo
  • Kogi rib taco
  • Carnitas tacos
  • Shaking beef saltato: strips of beef with fries
  • Frame OG ribs
  • Shnitzel eggplant
  • Commissary carrots: charred different colour carrots with a salsa verde

It was all amazing! A little piece of food heaven. It is so hard to even choose favourites. Maybe the kogi taco, elotes, bbq veg, bbq shrimp, octopus, dumpling, oh damn it, I’m naming them all. Just order anything, you will not be disappointed.

This extravaganza of food was so reasonably priced. For the 5 of us it was all of this plus drinks, tax for under $500. Plus we got to say hi to Roy Choi. Pretty perfect evening really.


This visit was one of those ‘what’s-serving-at-this-time-of-night-with-no-reservation-on-New-Year-Day’ kind of things and it went a little wrong for us. Luckily, the food was tasty. Our waiter kicked it off badly by being one of those douches who only seems to want to talk to the man on the table. Here’s a heads up people, no man is doing the ordering when I am at a table. I am doing it, and there’s a chance I have forgotten to even ask anyone but Jax what they want to order anyway. Dinner with a side of misogyny is not may favourite thing.

The second things this idiot did wrong was wait until we had spent 20 mins picking our order etc and THEN telling us they were all out of fish. When you are a fish restaurant out of fish, you should seat people with this information.

Needless to say, this was not putting me in the position to want to eat here, but walking out was not an option. So what I did (passive aggressively) was order a small amount of food to “express my annoyance”. No, if you are wondering, they do not know this was happening. Especially when my small ordering is probably a normal order….. and then we got a second round of food because it was yum. Damn it, there was no lesson learnt there!

I honestly can’t remember what we ordered here. Lots of sushi, some tacos, plus veggies like broccolini, sweet potato & eggplant. I do remember it was delicious though. I think I need to try the LA one though to appreciate it properly. I do remember that the waiter couldn’t work out how to place our dishes down properly. Yes, I seem to only remember how much this waiter annoyed me. How sad.


Eggslut is tucked into the Cosmopolitan and you are going to queue for it, this is part of an authentic Eggslut experience though as you can’t go to any of the LA sites with out queuing for ages. They do however, knock out a perfect egg roll which makes it the perfect place for a New Years day hangover breakfast (or any hangover breakfast).

The Vegas menu has items the LA ones don’t. To be honest though, they don’t need it. The original dishes are the best ones.

Egg & I

I am a big believer that some of the best food in Vegas is found off strip. This trip we didn’t have any off strip time (too much party party) so I made the effort to go for a breakfast. This place was so good, when I bragged about it to everyone else, we went back the next day so they could try it 🙂

It’s a classic American diner-type breakfast place. An overwhelming, large menu which I’m pretty sure doesn’t have a bad dish.

You get to have a fresh homemade muffin that is warm. You are going to want to have this, do not refuse it. Its fluffy and crispy, chewy all at the same time. I’m not convinced I even know the flavour: bran? sugar? No idea, just yum

The other thing you have to have is the potatoes. The seasoning they put on them must be some kind of crack. We ALL bought bottles of it to take home.

I do however, suggest you order light on the cheese as this is one of those stereotypical American places that overloads it.


We really went at the wrong time of day here, I think it was about 4pm which meant the menu was really limited. We were sitting at the bar though and could see all the prep happening for the evening which looked & smelled amazing. We were just having a light bite so go what we thought were all bao buns but turned out to be a bao & a sandwich. I think the best thing was the potatoes on the side. Something about potatoes was really working for Vegas.

The Shishitos were also really good. I like the hint of lime they do with them, just a bit different to the normal salt.

We definitely need to eat here outside of the stupid 3-5:30 window.

The options in Vegas are endless. I am pretty sure I could eat here for a month and still be trying things I want to try. Next trip though I am driving so I can explore more off strip.

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