Ceviche for my bday

I really love Kingly Court, just off Carnaby Street, right now. Some good food spots, good vibe and I love that you feel tucked away from it all. 

Senor Ceviche is tucked up on the first floor (second if your from another country) and is a Peruvian BBQ & ceviche place. It’s tapas style plates and they recommend 3 plates per person -little plates are some of my favourite things EVER, because I’m a piggy. 

Now, because it’s my birthday lunch I got to have lots of veges with no argument!! So let’s look at the dishes because they were all super tasty 

Quinoa & cheese croquettas: so, so tasty. The sauce was sweet with a little hint of heat and the croquettas themselves were really crunchy. 

Senor ceviche: really tasty, though I’d have liked more octopus in there because tentacles are great. 

Sweet potato fries: are they ever bad? Crispy and the sauce was some kind of spicy sauce that really worked 

Burnt cauliflower – yes, it was intentional

Miso greens- which may be up for favourite dish but that’s a tough call, no, it’s the croquettas. Maybe, I’m not sure. 

Flat iron steak. 

All in all, I’m pretty damn happy with my bday feast 

Value for money: I think it’s reasonable, not cheap but definitely not expensive. All those dishes, glass of wine, Coke & service for £50 for two people. To be honest, the small plates are bigger than I expected and we could have really just gotten 4 or 5. 

Service: good it wasn’t overly busy but the food came out at a good pace and the staff were efficient. 

Reservations: they take them though we didn’t have one. I’d say, it’s probably worth doing on the weekend. 

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