Where to eat breakfast in Houston, Texas

Houston’s food scene is really good! I’m not sure why I thought it was going to be otherwise, but I did, and I was wrong. Very wrong!

As you know, breakfast is one of my favourite meals, so I figure it deserves its own post 🙂

There was one place I didn’t get to that I have a teeny bit of regret over, my suggestion is to take advantage of their amazing brunch buffet: Xochi. The menu looks seriously good, but I had to sacrifice it to go for bbq. I mean, you can’t really leave Texas without eating some bbq.

That being said, the places we did get to were all fantastic.

Goode Company Hamburgers & Taqueria

This place is super casual & super good value. You walk in and there’s a big menu up against the wall. There’s so much to choose from, if you’re anything like us you’ll have to stand back and feel overwhelmed while you let locals pass you who know exactly what to do! I think it’s probably safe to say, whatever you choose, it’ll be tasty.

I opted for eggs, chorizo & beans. Can’t actually remember what it’s called, but you get the gist. The chorizo was really, really tasty. They make their own tortillas here, but remember to request it if you want corn, otherwise they’ll come out as flour ones.

One of the specialties is the venison sausage, so obviously we got some for the table/ Al. It was good, definitely worth doing.

B&B Butchers & Restaurant

Wow! That’s the word for here. Everything was phenomenal. I wish I could have eaten more! They were offering their restaurant week menu which was such good value. I opted for the 2 course lunch one but man I really wanted the dinner! The space itself is gorgeous and the food completely lived up to the decor.

So I went with the meatballs to start. So good! You can taste the quality of the meat in them. Simplicity at its best

This was followed by the steak salad. A beautiful piece of meat, tomato, caramelised onion and blue cheese. This was a really light dish which each ingredient complimenting each other.

Al however had the absolute winner. Steak & eggs. Such an easy dish to overlook but you don’t want to miss it here. It’s Waygu flank steak seasoned to perfection and cooked in butter you can taste. Divine. Even though mine was great, I had envy.

Vix opted for the hash. While this looked tasty and had hidden beautiful brisket, it was ridiculously huge!

Simon also did 2 courses (I’m not the only one! It was 2 courses for $20!!). 1st was a brisket ravioli and it was lovely. But I did drop it on the lovely white table cloth! 2nd was the burger. A phenomenal beast! He said it was damn good, with really good bacon inside, but it did defeat him. I could see the sadness in his face when he couldn’t fit any more in. And check out those wedges!!

The Kitchen at The Dunlavy

It’s described as a glass tree house, and it is gorgeous! Everyone was under strict instructions to eat light! We had to eat bbq before we left and no one was allowed to be too full!

You walk into The Kitchen and it’s all glass with chandeliers hanging everywhere. But there’s a great outdoor deck which is what I recommend.

I opted for the zucchini bread. Now this should be light, but I got a massive wedge! I think it was SoCal inspired menu with Texan sizes!

Al opted for good old bacon & eggs

And we grabbed a jalapeño biscuit for the table.

There is pretty much anything you want for breakfast at any price point. You can’t go wrong!

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  1. Stephen Christie

    I read your blog. Thanks for sharing this lovely blog. I still remember that when I went to the Houston and ate the delicious food at there the menu covers of the restaurants attracts me so well. Thanks for the post.


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