The Californian Amalfi: Catalina Island

How have I only just discovered Catalina Island? It’s a little piece of heaven off the coast of Long Beach. Al, Katie & I decided to take ourselves for a day trip to get out and tick off some sight seeing.

You need to grab a ferry from either Long Beach or Newport for about $70 return, which in the grand scheme of things, isn’t too much.

Arriving on the ferry we couldn’t help but feel some similarities to doing a day trip to Rotto (a trip to Rottnest Island is a must do for any visitor to Perth) and started our trip with the giggles cheers-ing Californian Rotto. Once you get there though, you’ll see Catalina is much more like the Amalfi Coast.

There are golf carts everywhere for buzzing around the island. They are pricey, but looked like fun. We had decided to get one post swim, and unsurprisingly, it never happened.

The long (read sarcastically) walk from the ferry to town meant our first stop was the Catalina Island Brew House, where they serve an excellent beer flight for thirsty travelers :). This is also where we got our tip for how to spend our day – at the private beach with a bar.

I’m sure you can guess where this story is going 😂😂

Descanso is in a beautiful cove just up from the casino- trust me, you can walk there. We got told to golf cart but that would be ridiculous. It’s a few dollars to go in and when you add an umbrella it’ll be around $20. When you’re as pale as I am, you pay the umbrella money. Whatever the cost!

The water is beautiful to swim in – no getting smashed around like down at Venice. The rose is cold and the fish tacos were delicious. Everything you need to have a great lazy day jumping in and out of the water. A pretty perfect Sunday really.

Descanso has a hotel attached, I desperately want to stay for a whole weekend. At the very least, next time I’m getting the presidential cabana!

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