Dim Sum!! Din Tai Fung, Torrance LA

What is not to love about dim sum? We’ve learn to head out to Rosemead and the neighbouring suburbs for great dim sum, however, I still hadn’t tried Din Tai Fung and I was having regrets about that!

I was taking Briony down to see Laguna and Torrance was way more on the way that Rosemead, so Din Tai Fung it was. Little tip: when you’re looking for it, it’s in the mall! That cause a bit of confusion for us. But we made it, that was the main thing. It is huge site! They have a big window where you can see the magic happening. What you don’t get to see in the video is the dirty look I got for coming 😁 I think it’s fair to say, you should expect it these days.

Now I thought we were ordering conservatively, but it turns out I was wrong. But, we survived 😂

Cucumber salad– our waiter recommended this one and it was really good. Super light and refreshing which I think helps you eat more dim sum 😉

Pork xiao long bao– soup dumplings. These are a din tai fun staple for a reason. Nice light actual dumpling (some people go too thick with soup dumplings) and really tasty.

Kimchee & pork dumplings– also really tasty. Little different to a normal dumpling, and it works really well. These may have been my favourite.

Pork bun- this was the weakest dish of the order. A shame because I think a good pork bun is a simple delight. Don’t get me wrong, it wasn’t bad. Just not amazing.

Sautéed string beans with garlic – yum. I love green beans! These were perfect.

My one compliant is the portion size, they’re huge! Which seems like a weird thing to complain about, but I wanted to try more and I couldn’t because I was stuffed!

Now the good thing about it being in a mall is that you can “work off” what you eat shopping in Sephora 😁 A must do, stop for any visitor.

And just because, here’s a pic of Laguna where we headed after. Swimming ended up being a no until we got up to Newport because it was too rough- the story of Californian beaches!

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