Here are a few of my favourite things: Sunday’s in London.

Sunday’s in London are the best: I literally moved across the city at one point to be able to live my best Sunday life. For me, it’s all about the Eastside.

So here’s my top tips for Sundaying:

1. Find a great breakfast. I hit up Friends of Ours on Pitfield in Shoreditch. It’s an Aussie cafe running a slightly different menu and bringing all the flavour. I also happen to like that on a rare sunny day they have plenty of outside tables for you.

Al opted for a duck Benedict. It seems duck is having a mega moment in London right now, there’s duck food trucks everywhere as well. It was yum. Intense is probably the word. Huge amounts of duck on super dense mini bread cake things (did not look like muffins). From his belly clutching and “it keeps growing” cries for the next hour, I’m guessing he should have stopped eating a lot earlier than he did. But he doesn’t have that ability when something is yum.

I got the sweet chili scramble eggs with halloumi. These were good. Nice soft scramble but not too wet and the sweet chili was nice. I put some Cholula on though to cut some of the sweet. There were also some crunchy but bits which really worked. You could get good old avo but I wasn’t risking it, not when I have good avo aplenty in LA.

Don’t forget to grab an ANZAC biscuit on the way out as well.

2. Head to Columbia Road Flower Market (after necessary digesting lay down). Here’s the key to the flower market– it will always be busier than you think possible and there will be a moment when you think you’re going to die. But I still love it. The flowers are beautiful and I love listening to the barrow boys shouting for attention.

3. Wander down Brick Lane to Spitalfields. Make sure you wander into every little market you find on the way, I always find something I want. At this point I like to regret eating so much for breakfast and contemplate shoving in more food anyway.

If you make it to the point where you can go go it, my favourite is The Ribman. This time I only managed grabbing some of his awesome Holy Fuck hot sauce to take back with me.

They’ve done up Spitalfields since I’ve been gone- it looks a lot more flash. Looks like there are way more permanent food vendors now. Unfortunately that has ruined the flow of the market, and I feel like there aren’t as many craftsmen now- does anyone know where the new New Spitalfields is?

Don’t forget to check out all the street art while you are wandering. Shoreditch still has heaps of it, even though it does seem like its lost its edge.

4. Stop by Franze & Evans for cake. They make the best cake in the city. My fav wasn’t there so I will be going back every day until it is.

5. Settle in somewhere for a Sunday session. There’s pubs everywhere, but if the weather is right, you want a great outdoor spot. This time it was up at Ally Pally for the StrEATlife festival.

The view up at Ally Pally is amazing and that alone was worth the trek up.

For the festival there were djs, craft beer, food trucks and because it’s England: a gin truck!

See why Sunday’s are the best! There’s all different versions of this day happening across the city when the weather is good.

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