Breakfasting in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

I’m a big supporter of the premiss that breakfast is the most important meal of the day : mainly because I love it 😉.

Jax & I were in Puerto Vallarta for a couple of days: we won some, and we lost some. I think that’s saying something about how important it is to know what you’re going, as we are generally the masters of food.

1st up we took our queue from a HuffPo article and went to Coco’s. It looked cute, with a big patio in the back. Plus there was definitely a table of Mexican ladies who lunch. Sadly, it did not deliver for me. My Chiliaquiles was more like nachos, slathered in cheese. It wasn’t possible to even taste the sauce properly because of it.

The menu was quite westernized which wasn’t what I was looking for. In hindsight (after seeing what the ladies ordered) we should have gone with omelettes which seemed to be the speciality. They did have churro pancakes on the menu- I pretty much never order sweet for breakfast, but I was tempted by this on the side. I did love the green juice with cactus though.

The next day was a winner. A little local hole in the wall with 3 women cooking it. I couldn’t tell you what it was called but thanks to Anshul teaching me how to geo tag my photos I can show you it’s here:

My menu Spanish got us through with hell from a stranger as I pointed at his OJ. Jax & I both went for the Chiliaquiles which were way better. Still had a little melted western cheese, but you could taste the sauce and it tasted damn fine. Obviously, the beans were damn fine too. Who knew I could love beans so much, why did the British ruin them?

We grabbed a street coconut too on the way – heads up, if you’re 1 armed, a coconut is not easy.

Then it was back to Huff Po suggestions for La Palapa breakfast on the beach. We were a bit dubious, but after waking past we decided that dining in the beach was worth it. It’s a good menu, lots too choose from without being too overwhelming. And did I mention dining on THE BEACH!! Yes, you get harassed every 5 minutes, but it’s worth it!

Food was good, presented beautifully and bigger than it looked.

Poached eggs with guacamole, beans yummy sauce and an odd bit delightful plantain on the side. Really good.

Crab crepes – surprising and good. Cheesy sauce that wasn’t overly so. With a mega pile of yummy mushrooms.

Like I said, worth the hawkers.

Final day, we were not winners. In our defense we opted for a swim in the adult pool instead, so ended up with pastries. Like most no-euro pastries, they were heavy, but the ham & cheese inside was good

So basically, you can get an ordinary breakfast in Puerto Vallarta easily enough, but head off the main route to get something a little less western.

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