A basic for weekend survival: Noah’s Bagels, Marina del RAy, LA

Bagels are a basic necessity for survival.

I was a fan of bagels in London but only really had a fresh bagel at a late night Watchamacallits hot salt beef & bagel stop. So most of my bagel experience is toasted ones from the supermarket bread aisle.

Then I tried The Bagel Broker and realized that fresh bagels are amazing, and guess what? The don’t need to be toasted!!

Now that I’m on the beach I’ve discovered Noah’s Bagels on my doorstep. They have a lot of different options- some don’t even have holes in them which really confuses me. But my go to for survival on the cheap is a sandwich bagel. You can pick up a substantial bagel for less than $10 that tastes amazing, even without a hangover. But why oh why is the one I like best the one with the most calories?

The chorizo, avocado sunrise!!! So friggin tasty. But at 820 calories a pop I really do need to start trying the other ones – practically everything else everything is 400-500 calories. It probably doesn’t help that it’s on a cheese & jalapeños bagel, my favourite bagel.

I even had to scroll through the menu, find the next calorific thing and add and extra egg & bacon to try and make Al’s just as unhealthy as mine. No, I’m not ashamed of my sabotage techniques, he’s a boy he’s supposed to confine more.

Ok, I promise I’ll try the Swiss, mushroom and spinach one next time – it’s better for me and I’m sure it’s going to be good. Nope I don’t promise, that was a lie. There’s a good chance in getting the sandwich of deliciousness.

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