Post Thanksgiving Burgers: Rush Street, Culver City, LA

After gorging yourself on Thanksgiving dinner, being too full to function there is only one thing you should do: go for burgers.

We had a wander around Culver City and ended up heading into Rush Street. It looked busy but no queue, was catching some sun and the menu looked decent – all things that made it our choice for the day. Plus for some reason, I had a big hankering for burgers.

We opted for:

The buffalo chicken sandwich. The is a great sharing sandwich. Each half really is the size of its own burger! The chicken is super crispy, a great buffalo sauce that is got just enough heat on a nice soft brioche bun.

Chicken burgers are things I really love but can so easily go wrong, but this one was doing it all right.

The breakfast burger: wow. Yum. Caramelised onion, bacon, hollandaise and runny egg. This was really good. I actually struggled to work out which thing to finish on.

Oh, and I’m pretty sure they put bacon powder on the tater tots.

I’m not sure why Al & I thought this was the smart move, but burgers before hiking was what happened. So after over-feeding ourselves we rolled over to the Culver City stairs, with Al whinging the whole time, and dragged our butts up there.

They do say it’s important to carb load before exercise 😜

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