Fresh Coat Mural Festival: Arts District, LA

Looking at good street art is one of my favourite things. I found out through We Like LA that the Arts District was putting on their first Fresh Coat Mural Festival. It was an all day event with a focus on murals (surprise) and music. Pretty much an all day event from 10-11 you were getting the opportunity to get down there and see some artists in action. Centred around Colyton Street I think there are about 8 new murals that have gone up. The great thing about an event like this, even if you miss it the art is there for you to enjoy later.

@carlyealey I think this piece is my favourite. Just gorgeous. I wish I’d had the chance to see it from the start. 


This X-ray band is amazing, and the picture does not do it justice. The level of shading you can see up close is really good 

This one was in the gallery. I really like the texture they’ve created. 

I love the colours of this one, it reminds me of an artist I used to see a lot in Shoreditch, London. 



Ok this isn’t new but I love the inter connection of faces. If you know who it is, give me a shout. 

@drewmerritt pretty sure this is going to be spectacular. It’s a Great Wall and catches the light beautifully. From what I can see detail and shading is going to be amazing. 

@axisvalhalla I can’t wait to see the final piece here. I love the ‘mother should I trust the government’ line.  

Big thanks to @thecontaineryard for putting on this event. I can’t wait to see it get bigger and better next year. 

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