2017 LA Greek Fest

As soon as I heard about the 19th Annual Greek Fest, I knew I was going to have to find away to check it out. I mean what’s not to love about a little Greek culture? Plus, there’s always room for a souvlaki. The festival has gone all weekend, and bythe fact that it is the 19th one, I guess it happens every year, so mark it in your calendar. 

You’ll find it on Normandie & Pico at the St Sophia Cathedral, I”m not sure what this area is called, I guess it’s Mid City, but for today’s purpose I am calling it Little Greece. There’s a $5 entry fee which is reasonable, but you can also download a coupon to reduce that down to $3 (allowing you to get some raffle tickets).

Here’s my big tip for this event: go hungry. The food is wonderful.

I had a chicken souvlaki and it was so good. The chicken was still lovely and moist but crispy on the outside from the bbq- the Greeks sure now how to bbq! Al went for the lamb chops which were good but I think he would have liked more- it’s not often he sees lamb chops out and about and he loves them. Add some feta fries and that was our amazing meal. I probably could have eaten it all again but that was my greedy personality talking, I wasn’t actually still hungry.

There’s little craft stalls, opportunities to win a trip to Greece and of course booze. I was surprised that they weren’t selling Mythos, but maybe that’s hard to get over here. I went for a Greek white wine which was good- no idea which one it was as Al couldn’t hear the guy over the noise, but who cares.

If you are a fan of Greek pastries there are heaps of them here. I am personally not, too sugary for me, but everyone was walking around with the sampler packs and I can appreciate that they looked good.

They have a dance floor set up with the obligatory zorba going on (is it really a Greek festival if there isn’t) and I believe there are a few perfomances you can catch.

I’d recommend heading down her with some friends or family- it’s the right way to do it right ( I guess that’s my 2nd tip). Settle in with some food (making sure you go back for seconds & thirdsies) good company and a little dancing. If you’re lucky you may catch a sight of a celeb: this year the co-hosts are Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson.

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