The most instagramable place on earth: The Museum of Icecream, DTLA

Wow! I finally made it! When I first got to LA I started hearing about the Museum of Icecream but I couldn’t get my hands on any tickets. It was probably July when I managed to get some … for October! I tell you, this place could not get anymore hype. I think they are just releasing (or have released) the final set for the LA location, though it wouldn’t surprise me if they extended- they have the numbers. They’ve also launched in San Francisco as well (something to think about). 

So is it worth the hype?? Hell, yeah. I mean using the term museum is a bit of a stretch I would say, it’s more of an installation, but it is a lot of fun. 

For those of you who are worried: yes there are tasters. Not a lot of them, but they are good. 

FYI: this is Al trying to sit like a lady while enjoying his pink frozen custard. 

There’s lots of great colour and shapes for your 1000s of pics

Interactive spots for you to play in. I love interactive museums, it definitely helps keep my attention 

And as you can see …. it’s very, very pink. 

So yup, the tickets are pricey at about  $38  and it’s not exactly high brow, but it’s fun so …

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