Lazy weekend brunch: James Beach, Venice, LA

James Beach is nestled in on one of the streets coming up from Venice Beach and it is one of those quintessential places that I can’t believe I lived in the neighbourhood for 1.5 years before trying! They open at 11 for brunch, so it’s great for a lazy start. I say lazy, @kevinfromfinance still had me up at 5 am and then I went to Barry’s Bootcamp at 9:30

From our place, we walked down the canals to get there, it doesn’t matter how many times I walk the canals, I still love them.

James Beach is a great place to take your puppy. The outside area is huge, the tables have some room between them and the staff are lovely. So lovely, that Kevin ended up with 2 water bowls because our waitress was worried he didn’t have one, despite us telling her he did.

So, menu-wise, it’s huge. Not, diner huge, but there a decent amount on it. We started off, as recommended by our waiter, some calamari. It’s a big portion, not too greasy and most importantly, not chewy. I struggle with too much grease (except in the form of chips/fries which I seem to be fine with). It was tasty, but I only had a little. It ended up getting boxed to come home and Al was happy having it as leftovers.

For our mains we split some tacos. They are famous for their fish tacos, so we were obviously having them. They were nice, not amazing. I think I prefer the ones over at Chart House, but I’ll have to test them again.

The other set were egg and short rib. Yum, obviously. The tacos all come ‘deconstructed’ which just means you build your own. Portions are big, so you get your money worth.

Oh! I nearly forgot!! You also get mini blueberry “scones” (American scones) with some lemon curd. Such a lovely little touch. al was super sad they didn’t make it into our to go bag at the end of the meal 😂

The menu looks interesting enough for us to go back and test done more dishes, and their attitude to puppies makes it even more inviting.

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