Breakfast, my favorite meal: Urth, Arts District LA

I think you can use Entourage guidance in pretty much everything, I have been rewatching it all since I got to LA so take my word for it. They go to Urth all the time, and for good reason. I actually went to the Melrose one 3 years ago but this weekend hit up the Arts District one.

To be honest, my plan was to avoid breakfast out on Mother’s Day but due to the day before’ laziness I had 2 choices: go out or starve. We got there about 10.30 and surprise, surprise there was a mega queue. To be fair though, I think there’s a queue pretty much all day. Deal with the queue, it’s worth it.

I desperately wanted to order lots of dishes but Al made me behave,  such a spoil sport. I have been overdue for veges so disputed wanting everything on the menu I went for Eggs Verde. Poached eggs over rocket (arugula), corn, asparagus with a peppercorn sauce & basil oil. So tasty, left me nice and full but without feeling heavy. I had the sausage on the side though I think I’ve worked out I don’t like the sausages in America (except the chicken breakfast ones, they’re amazing). What I should have done is got some fresh chilli, that would have kicked ass. I am loving grilled corn and it really makes this dish. If anyone has the secret to the peppercorn dressing let me know.

Al went for the natural beef hash. My god this tasted good.  It was like a beef  bourguignon with poached eggs. The meat was so tender and all the flavor had soaked into the potatoes. Why have I never thought of this? My fellow foodies, use your leftover bourguignon for breakfast!

Urth has still got it! Can’t wait to try everything- think this is going to be my go to breakfast place.

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