Lazy days in K-Town: The Line Hotel, Los Angeles

We have finally made it to LA! After what feels like a whirlwind (read exhausting) couple of weeks, we have managed to get ourselves and our bags half way across the world ready to start a new life!

We decided that a mega move like this required a little hotel mini break, you just can’t jump straight into normal life. A couple of years ago we’d been to the bar at The Line hotel and decided this trip we’d stay there. This is 100% my sort of hotel: exposed concrete, interesting lighting, colour bursts and so, so comfortable. One could argue too comfortable as we barely left.

The room had an amazing view of the Hollywood Hills with the bed pointing towards it (never normally seems to be that way but I really like it). Also the bed was way to comfy, especially for someone as tired as I was!

The on-site restaurant is the Commissary in the second floor. It’s gorgeous. Set in a greenhouse with plants everywhere and a mix of different crockery for little interesting details. We had 3 meals here- that is a testament to the tastiness, not my laziness.




Dinner: first night in LA, after a long flight. We were pretty exhausted by the time we went for dinner but kept our eyes open just long enough. The menu is a good sharing menu with a nice mix of veg, seafood and meat. The staff will give you advice on how to order, which I needed in my pre-zombie state

*** The pics I took in the restaurant are generally too dark and not worth using which is sad ***

  • Charred carrots: I pretty sure carrots are on a comeback people. These were rainbow heirlooms that had been roasted and then grilled for crunch and weee served with a delicious green sauce and Parmesan. For ‘just a dish of carrots’ they were great.
  • Grilled lettuce: who knew! I guess they were mini gems grilled with bacon bits. You pretty much can’t go wrong with bacon
  • Green curry mussels: my god this sauce was amazing. I thought it was odd at first serving it with a big piece of focaccia- that was until I tasted it. You could just sit and eat a massive bowl of this. The actual mussels were great to. Super plump and juicy, I’d forgotten they could be like that.
  • Octo2.0: tentacles! Grilled to perfection with chorizo and a salad packing a little heat on the side. [when we got told we’d ordered too much this was the suggested dish to remove, I’m so glad we ignored the advice]


  • Faackitas: marinated steak on fancy mash. While this was actually really nice, for me it was the weakest link.

Breakfast: the greenhouse is gorgeous in the daylight. With a menu that isn’t massive, but has some great dishes there was no need to go anywhere else. The below was over two days.

  • Choquillos: YUM!!!’ Strips of tortillas, chorizo, egg, avocado and enchilada sauce. Just divine. This was a perfect first LA breakfast

  • Our breakfast: crispy bacon, eggs, an amazing hash brown and toast. Simple but effective

  • Breakfast burrito: steak, egg and hashbrown all wrapped up with an amazing green sauce on the side.

  • Eggs benedict: with prosciutto on what I think is a brioche biscuit. The hollandsuse was perfect. Oh, and the most ridiculously flavoursome chicken sausages on the side

Basically, this was the perfect hibernation hole for me for 2 days. I could not have asked for more.

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