Friends love balls- meatballs that is: Balls & Company, Soho, London

Meatballs are a perfect meat for friends to sit around and eat and gossip with (and of course drink). I got obsessed with good meatballs in New York with The Meatball Shop and now I seem to keep looking for as good an experience in London (yes, I will most likely do the same in LA). So far I reckon the closest I found was The Bowler but I haven’t seen them around for a little while – you’ll need to check their site.

Which brings me to Balls and Company. Good for sharing dishes! 

We started with some the garlic butter popcorn, aranccini and the churros. The first and last were so so good – it felt like the churros were life changing for some of us, and it set the standard high (as you can see by the picture, they were being scoffed down quicker than I could photograph). Sadly the aranccini were just boring, I would not bother with them if I went again.

Then it was the meatballs. We grabbed the pork, chicken and short rib. They have few different sauces which frustratingly are not done on the side, however they will advise on what goes best with what. I was not a fan of the chicken and found  the pork to be pretty average but the short rib? There was the standout ball – should have just gotten plates of these as this is the one worth getting. Delicious. In the Carnage of friend food sharing I got 1 ball pic- no idea which one šŸ˜€

That brings me to the Company, which I actually think they do better than the balls. We got the courgette, charred broccoli and the polenta chips (which I always think sound better than executed), the greens were lovely. I think maybe they should do more of these and focus more on the company 

So, sadly, this does not satisfy my meatball requirements – for this I recommend buying the meatball shops book online and making your own (they come out really well). But for a short rib + greens at a reasonable price? Yup head over to Balls and Company

Value for money: reasonably priced but I would limit what dishes you get 

Service: fine, pretty quick with food and only forgot one person’s drink 3 times

Reservations: only for groups of 8 or more 


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