Girl’s brunch, Aussie style: Lantana, Shoreditch 

Nothing says Saturday like a good old girl’s brunch- good food, good company and booze!! 

I booked us in at Lantana, an Aussie place in Shoreditch. As you’ve probable worked out, I am always confident with an Aussie place that you’ll get a good menu- we love breakfast 🙂  Lantana lived up to expectations. 

Their brunch offering is £36 for any item off the menu and unlimited coffees/teas and any combo you want of Bloody Mary, prosecco or mimosa for a hour & a half. Not bad pricing for London ‘bottomless’. I say bottomless, but I think most of these places slow service in drinks so you don’t take advantage of the deal (I try). 

I went for the kale bread, halloumi & poached egg, I’m pretty sure I won best order. The kale bread is beautiful savoury loaf a little like a courgette loaf. Add that to good thick slices of halloumi & poached eggs and it is a great dish. Personally, as a chilli freak, I’d put fresh chilli but I think I’m the only one who always wants it at breakfast. Even my ‘I don’t like kale’ buddy thought it was good, so don’t let that discourage you. 

@missmayfair went for the avacado on toast: this had a Middle East flavour to it with some dukkah and labneh (like a Greek yogurt). I thought it was tasty but there was also sill, which I HATE! 

@foodieforthoughtblog went for the french toast. This looked amazing but you’ll have to look at her blog to hear all about it 

We decide we couldn’t go past a little cake taster. The cakes aren’t massive so it’s ok to try after breakfast 🙂 we grabbed the Jaffa cake one and the aptly named Crack. 

For me, the Jaffa is too dense. There’s something about the almond element that always makes it too heavy for me. The icing was the yummiest part.

Now the crack, that was the winner. It is nice & moist and has an odd combo of pineapple, banana, coconut and god knows what else. Tip: do not try googling crack cake, it will not be what you are looking for! 

Value for money: if you hit a few drinks it’s definitely worth the money, but if you are only in for 1 or 2 stay a la carte

Service: started off strong then tapered off. Pretty much what you expect at a bottomless

Reservations: yes but you can get away without one. It turns out it’s a lot more larger than expected from the outside

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