A boozy night in Soho, London

Any excuse for a celebration! But this was a good one, EeeBee’s new job!!!! I booked a table for drinks at Milk & Honey to get the evening started. I would say every 5 months for the last 3 years I have drunkenly dragged people to Milk & Honey only to remember (ok, be told) that it is members or reservations only. So, to finally remember before going out to book left me feeling pretty proud of myself. 

This bar is gorgeous. Lots of lovely booths which means you don’t feel like everybody is part of your night out. It has a very intimate feel to it, and low flattering lighting (though makes for dark pics). They have an extensive cocktail list all sitting in the £9/10 range which I think is pretty reasonable for the type of bar. The wine list is small but that’s no big deal. Their house wine M&H was actually really nice and only £25 a bottle! 

They offer some nibbly bits and a good night out deserves some cheese. I’d say the plates are a bit small at £13 each but I also didn’t seem to care at the time 

As part of their members only section there is a roof terrace which I’m dying to see, but I guess I’ll have to just look at someone else’s photos for that. 

Absolutely recommend this bar for a lovely (not rowdy) catch up with friends 


Then it was off to Copita for some tapas (and more wine). This place rates high for their croquetas and I can tell you, they did not disappoint. Crispy balls of mushroomy goodness. They taste like rather than being made with a bechamel style sauce it is a mushroom sauce. Just delicious, I reckon I could eat a plate of them all by myself 

The next big standout for me was the goats cheese. It was so smooth and soft with a perfect balance of honey & truffle (definitely get the fresh bread as well as I think it’s nicer with that than the toast provided). It might not look like much in the pic but it was a winner. 

Prawns & scallops were also great. Nicely cooked and the prawn sauce is perfect for using the last of your bread (or getting more) 

There was not a bad dish in sight. The restaurant was busy but the staff were still providing a great service. It was a great experience. The waiter even came over to tell us the translation of our wine name which I think was something like haunted love or painful love or….. ok I think I had too much of it, I can’t remember the story. 

Copita goes down as a good quality little tapas in a mid range price – being tapas it can cost you as much or as little as you’d like 


We made it into Ham Yard Hotel bar just in time for last orders. I was sure this stayed open longer but the real benefit of a week might drink there is not the usual wait at the bar. While it’s a little prentious here I love a nice hotel bar and they are absolutely doing that. I always mean to go hunting for the bowling alley and then forget. Has anyone tried it? 


With closing hours upon it (and The W always saying no to my late night requests)  there was one more place I knew that never turns you away ….. my place 🙂 

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