Pre-work breakfast: Railhouse Cafe, Victoria 

Yes I am getting very excited about all of the offerings within the new Nova Building in Victoria, London. One of the great things here, is that they are still getting a following, so you can always get a table. I mean, of course, also making Victoria more interesting.

The Railhouse Cafe has ticked all of the boxes. It’s a beautiful big space : corrugated iron walls & ceilings, high ceilings, great lightening, beautiful looking bar & an exposed kitchen. You can’t fault the look- it’s way better than the original. They even have the space ready for sun! Nice outdoor tables and great chairs with comfy cushions for drinks after work 

That brings me to the menu. It’s a good breakfast menu – enough diversity to keep it interesting without you having to make any particular panic choice. I went for the shakshuka which I felt was a healthier choice. It was a reasonable size, good taste and eggs were nice & runny. I could have easier had bigger slices of toast but don’t think I should complain about NOT having a carb overload 

A reasonable juice selection though I am getting over places premaking their juice meaning I can’t switch out the apple for something with less sugar.
So these things are all ticking the boxes of another great breakfast place for Victoria, except for the service. This still needs some real work. My drink order – ice black coffee no sugar- came out 3 times wrong and I think was only right in the end as I switched it to an espresso which I feel can’t be messed up. In case you’re wondering it was first an ice tea, then ice white coffee and the ice black loaded with sugar. Not great. They also forgot part of my companions breakfast. 

To make up for this the service was removed as was my drink, which I think is an appropriate response. If they can get rid of the staffing issues, this  place will be great.

Value for money: reasonable 

Service: terrible, a lot of work needed. Especially as there’s seems an abundance of staff

Reservations: not needed yet. 

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