Pasta perfection: Felix Trattoria. Venice, LA

Fourth times the charm! It has taken me 4 bookings to finally get to Felix! Each booking is pretty much a month out and then something happened so I had to cancel, but 4th time the magic happened! And it really is a bit of magic.

From the moment you enter it’s this bustling experience of beauty. A beautiful building that feels like you are in someone’s home- someone who has a house rammed pack full of visitors and had a unique feature of a man in a glass room making pasta! Come to think of it, I’d like a glass room with a man making pasta in my house. How rich do you think you need to be to have that?

We had a late-ish booking (9:15) and sadly they were all out of their house bread. It was devastating, particularly as I had walked past the last one coming out of the kitchen and it looked drool worthy. But do not fear, there were other carbs to consume! We got the foccacia Romana which is pretty much a pizza base. The thing is, a good pizza base is a thing of beauty and needs no toppings, that’s what you had here. It was so damn good. A little olive oil and salt, perfection.

Flour, salt, oil, magic

We started the meal off with a heirloom tomato and burrata salad. I am obsessed with these. It all started a couple of years ago at MhZh and I have not looked back. Over summer, if it’s on the menu, it’s in my belly, and this end of summer dish did not disappoint. Just the right balance of acid, sweet and creamy. Delicious

Oops bit blurry but you get the picture. Look how gorgeous it is

Obviously, we had to have pizza too. I don’t think it possible to go to a good Italian and NOT have pizza? Damn, they make a good pizza. I think I need to slowly make my way through the menu. Now you know the base is a dream, then they are putting quality products on top and not overloading the flavours- exactly how you get it in Italy.

Then it was pasta time. With a pasta man in the window, this had got to be your main event. Don’t be coming here saying you’re carb free! The pasta….. so, so good. Sadly, by this point I was full to explosión point so only had a small bit of each. Al made the mistake of powering through and nursed his over stuffed stomach for the rest of the evening and through to the morning. Let that be a lesson to you people! Don’t be afraid to box as you go! Try some of each and then box so you have room for the next thing. You can always go back. 😂😂😂 You didn’t think the lesson was going to be “don’t order too much” did you? As if!

My phone is playing up so all my pics are a bit blurry 😤 must get that sorted! The pastas we got were fabulous, and 2 very different flavours. First up was the oriechette with sausage, then I think the other one was a seasonal dish , it was a short rib ragu- super rich and flavoursome. I genuinely can’t work out which one I preferred.

So, despite thinking I was being conservative in ordering, I wasn’t, but I have no regrets.

That is a very happy, very full face 🙂

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