Hilltop Hoods The Great Expanse World Tour: LA

Hilltop Hoods are such a great performers. They bring so much energy to their shows, that even if you were that familiar with their stuff, you’d have an awesome time. We got to catch their last gig in LA which was at the Satellite Club and when we saw this show at The Roxy, there was no doubt we were going.

The thing is, the Hoods aren’t as big in the US as they are back in Oz, so the guys are really up close and personal, which is friggin awesome. You’re meters away from the stage, but they are packing stadium level energy in. Plus, I think almost every Aussie in LA gravitates to them, so it’s a real feeling of home in the crowd.

I’m pretty sure the popularity is growing here though, last time a T-shirt was $20 and there was 1 option, this time HEAPS of merch and you weren’t even getting a hat for $20. Obviously, they didn’t stop us getting stuff 🙂 Al walked away with a basketball jersey & a hat.

The gig was late start with doors opening at 11pm. I had an early morning flight to Seattle the next day, but that didn’t stop me bouncing around till 2 am. The Hoods also do a really good balance of their old stuff and their new stuff, so there’s something for everyone.

The Last time we saw the Hoods it was the end of their North American tour, and despite losing voices, and being tired as hell, the really brought it. This time, was the start which is cool, but honestly, they bring the same energy whether it’s the start or the end of a tour. That’s the marker of a really good group.

The Roxy itself is a super cool venue. It felt bigger than the Satellite club, but still really intimate. It’s one of those cool little LA clubs that’s been around since the 70s, with Als let’s of acts going through it. I’d definitely go see others perform there.

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