2 Aussies, 1 Dog Roadtrip 1: The Redwoods

The Redwoods are some of the tallest trees on earth. I’ve seen gorgeous pictures all over Instagram and was so excited to have the chance to explore them in person.

Al found a great KOA campsite that has sites nestled into a bit of forest. It was pretty perfect. I highly recommend this campsite, though word of warning, not all sites are in the trees.

With @kevinfromfinance with us, going into the national park was a struggle (oh I get why they make the rules, I just don’t like it), but we did find a few trails and unpaved roads around to explore. We definitely could have had more time here, but had a good taste tester.

Trees of Mystery

How can you go past a place with a name like that!!!??? I want to see the mystery! Great news, it is dog friendly. The Trees of Mystery are a great way to see some huge trees and learn history of the area. We did the sky rail trail with them which was awesome. You go up in a gondola type thing to above the tree line and take in some amazing views.

We opted to take the trail down the hill. There are a lot of warning signs about it, but I think it’s a bit of overkill. It is steep in spots, but they do have a rope hand rail most of the way down. If you’re fairly healthy, I’d recommend it.

Avenue of the Giants

The next day we continued on our trip driving through as much forest as we could, which means the Avenue of the Giants. Totally worth it, even with 2 car sick vomits.

There’s a great souvenir store in route too, you’re going to want to visit. I picked up a great bread cutting board with knife, and I was being very restrained.

You’ll see a few “drive under a tree” spots which all charge you about $10. Obviously, we had to do this. Was it worth it? Look at these faces

I thoroughly recommend stopping at one of the little diner type places around Avenue of Giants before heading further down the coast. Things are few and far between and you may find yourself waiting till Fort Bragg otherwise.

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