Breakfast overload: 26 Beach, Venice LA

In my theme of ‘Think Global Eat Local’, I have headed up to 26 Beach, not once, but twice! I don’t really count my first visit as I was sick as a dog and only managed half my breakfast- which was a major win for Al’s hangover when I brought it home to him. But the 2nd time I was fighting fit and brought Al with me so I could do the menu some justice.

It’s a huge menu! That’s the sort of thing that used to really put me off, but you’ve totally got to get used to it in America or you’ll barely eat anywhere. They literally have a giant size page of just French toast. I’m not even a french toast fan but I want to try some. They then have a page of breakfast pasta and eggs and rice. It’s very odd. I know I’m supposed to try them, cause that’s their thing. But I didn’t.

I did try the Challah bread sandwich. Ah-mazing. Like a sandwich made of clouds. It had avocado, egg, bacon and tomato and was everything I needed. I can’t remember if I switched the egg to scramble or if they come that way, but it’s the right choice. Oh yeah, and it comes with fries. I know that shouldn’t be a breakfast thing. Still, yum though. Al was most appreciative of the leftovers.

When we went together, Al decided to go with one of the rice scrambles. We had no idea what this was going to mean, but it turned out to not be particularly complicated. It’s a normal scramble with rice in it. He opted for one with I think 3 types of sausage (no surprise there). It was nice. Rice works in the scramble and eliminates the need for bread. It was super cheesy though. Something that is potentially not the smartest for someone who is lactose intolerant.

I opted for the croissant-which this time. It comes with fruit so I can call it a healthier choice. Plus I figured it would be smaller as a croissant. The croissant itself was not great, and by that I mean, it was an American style one (why do they always make them so soft & heavy) but the sandwich itself was nice. I need to remember to be more picky with croissants. The challah bread was definitely better

26 Beach has a good looking burger menu, including the infamous sushi burger; so I guess we’ll be going at burger time next time. Though if anyone is a french toast person I’ll come with you if I can try a bite 🙂

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