Breakfast with a difference: Nighthawk Breakfast Bar, Venice Beach LA

Riding along Washington up from the beach I spied Nighthawk- nice simple decor and a little neon, everything I like. On closer inspection we discovered it was a breakfast bar with an awesome menu. I’m pretty sure they are all day breakfast so it got even more brownie points.

When you look at their concept they say they are capturing ‘late-night rock n roll breakfast in LA’; I’d say they achieved it. It looks pretty cool and they have a good looking bar-I judge this on the gin selection, which was extensive for the US.

The menu was amazing! Everything sounded so good and when we watched dishes come out they looked as good as they sounded. It was so hard to choose. I’m going to have to go back a few times to get through it all.

Al went for the biscuit bao. Talk about something a little it different. A bao made out of biscuit stuffed with pork belly. Translation: super delicious light biscuit filled with soft, pulled pork. The meat wasn’t overpowering in anyway, just a hint of asian spice.

My choice was the nighthawk breakfast sandwich. I find it funny that a breakfast sandwich is a ‘something different’ for me but these days I am obsessed with all the different Mexican styles I see places.  It was on a pretzel bun with scrambled egg, gruyere and a bacon/ sausage patty. Man it was good. It was a hard choice but a good one.

Nighthawk is definitely of those places that you’ll want to go back to again and again. It’s further down Venice so you don’t feel like you are caught in the hordes of tourists. I think if I lived around here it would definitely be a local. I wonder if they do a happy hour?

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