Vegan for non-vegans: Crossroads, West Hollywood, LA

Crossroads is confusing! It looks like a steak restaurant but it’s vegan. Situated on Melrose, I have walked past this place longingly for a couple of months wanting to try it. There was no way I was getting Al there due to the vegan-ness but I knew Jax would be up for it. 

Crossroads prides itself on being vegan but not vegany – I was expecting a menu of salads but that was not the case.  If you don’t pay attention it reads like a normal menu with burgers, eggs Benedict & chicken and waffles. 

We went for lunch and while the menu isn’t massive there’s enough options. Front and center you will see the impossible burger, with rules on how many you could have (1) and it being dine in only. These rules made me convinced it must be good, so despite a graphic description from our server explaining the use of plant equivalent red blood cells, we got one. 


It is actually a good burger, and they are right if you didn’t know I think it would be impossible to tell. Does this make me a vegan now? 

We also went for the pasta of the day which was a truffle & mushroom one. Nice, but not amazing and the noodle (they seemed more noodley than pastay) were tricky to eat for some reason. 

To balance it all we added in the radicchio salad with, I think, nectarine. The sweet of the fruit is just what radicchio needs. 

Portion sizes were good for lunch and it was reasonably priced. Crossroads is such an LA place you never know who you could see there – we happened to see James Franco which was pretty cool. I’d definitely go back and I’d like to try the dinner menu too. 

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